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why user experience is important for law firms

Is your law firm attracting new clients and staying relevant with a website that offers a great user experience? It is vital to make sure your firm’s website offers a great user experience in our digital world.

If you want to improve your website functions and how it looks, you’re already thinking about user experience.

What is User Experience?

User Experience (UX) is defined as all the aspects of a user’s interactions with a website. The user experience is how a person uses a website, mobile application, desktop software, and any other device. User experience design involves all elements that make up a website, including the layout, visuals, text, brand, sound, and interaction.

Why Does UX Matter?

User Experience connects your user to your business. UX fulfills your user’s needs and your goals on your website. According to Entrepreneur, if your website is not optimized, 79 percent of visitors will leave and search again. Your website is crucial in forming first impressions of your law firm. Most of your potential clients have little understanding of the law. If they click on your website with a robust user experience implemented, your users will most likely engage with your website content.

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The Benefits of User Experience on a Website

Why does your law firm need to ensure a positive user experience on your website? There are many benefits that a robust user experience can bring your firm and website visitors.

Better Search Engine Optimization

A website with strong UX will rank higher in a search engine result. If your law firm’s website employs user experience best practices, this can help get your website indexed first on a search engine result page. Your user experience improves different aspects like your website’s speed, structure, and easy navigation–all of which are great for SEO.

Increase Salesincrease sales

Offering a solid user experience on your website can increase sales and revenue. A website that is responsive and user-friendly will most likely have web users stay on the website. If a potential client visits your firm’s site and can’t find the answer to their question or a way to contact the firm, the user is more likely to leave the site. Essentially, a negative user experience can lead to missing an opportunity to gain a new client. Great UX will earn user’s confidence and eventually lead to an increase in sales.

Promotes Customer Loyalty

Your website’s user experience encourages customers to keep visiting your site to help with their legal needs. Law firms that consider their website’s user experience will have a level up from the competition. Why?  Satisfied customers will engage with your company and become brand loyalists if your website can answer their questions and solve their legal problems.

Close the Gap Between User and Content

User experience can help a user to engage with your content on your website seamlessly. No matter how great your content is, it’s the visual and functional elements on your website that grab your visitors’ attention first. When your law firm’s website showcases content with user experience in mind, the user can engage with the web content they need to answer questions about their legal matters.

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If your law firm is ready to enhance your website’s user experience, then Law As a Business (LAB) can help. We work with elder law and estate planning firms on all aspects of website development for your business. We can build a website from beginning to end with functional UX solutions customized to meet your business goals.

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