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4 Web Design Elements that Boost Your User Experience

Web design elements are a valuable part of any growing business as potential clients continue to utilize the internet as a resource. Employing web design best practices on your law firm’s website boosts your online presence and encourages a more substantial user experience (UX).

A successful website design means your site users have a positive experience, can easily navigate your business’s web pages, and immediately find the information they seek. If your law firm is utilizing these four web design elements, your visitor will have a great user experience and can lead to a website visitor turning into your next client.

1. Mobile-Friendly Website

Today more than ever, your potential clients are using their mobile devices to search for answers to their legal questions. Mobile optimized web design is a vital element for any law firm’s website. This aspect refers to designing and developing a website that responds to different screen sizes, platforms, and orientations of a website. A solid mobile-friendly design means that anytime a user accesses your website on a smartphone, the website’s layout automatically resizes to accommodate the device used.

This element is critical for user experience because potential clients are no longer just looking up your law firm’s website on a desktop; they search for your information on their phone. Without a mobile-friendly web design, new clients who land on your website won’t bother to stay on your site if it doesn’t display correctly or isn’t easy to navigate on their device.

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2. Intuitive Navigation

If your user can’t navigate your law firm’s website, this can be a significant source of frustration and lead to your user leaving your website. When your website is not intuitively designed for seamless navigation, your firm can lose out on a new lead and website engagement.

This factor is a critical UX element because if your user can’t find the information they are seeking, they will stop engaging with your business’s website and abandon the site. Some web design elements to consider are a navigation bar that is easily accessible, consistency of design elements across the site, and updating your content over time.

3. Captivating Imagery

The imagery on your law firm’s website is a practical part of your website design. Images captivate your users and create a first impression of what your business represents. Images convey your brand and can instill a sense of trust in your business. Powerful imagery can keep your website visitors engaged as they navigate your site, ultimately improving the user experience.

Images play an essential part in your website’s user experience. There are some web design best practices to consider when incorporating images on your law firm’s website, including using your own images, conveying your brand with imagery relating to your practice areas, and avoid overusing images on your website.

4. Page Loading Speed2 seconds

It can be highly frustrating for a user to wait for a webpage to load. Your user is accessing content from all over the internet and expects the content they want to engage with to populate quickly. If they don’t get it within 1-2 seconds, they will abandon your site and search elsewhere. Slow loading speed creates a negative user experience and ultimately leads to losing an opportunity to connect with a new lead.

Page loading speed is a vital part of the user experience because it helps keep users on your website. Page speed can be improved using several tools, like Google Analytics, and utilizing a few web design best practices, including compressing images to smaller file sizes, minimizing scripts, and choosing HTLC and CSS on your website.

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A website with excellent web design makes it simpler for new and current clients to have a better user experience. Law as a Business (LAB) can help your firm build a website from beginning to end with functional web design solutions. We work with elder law and estate planning firms on all aspects of website development for your business.

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It’s important to make sure you’re hitting the mark with your website so that you’re attracting and converting web traffic visitors. If your website isn’t working as a lead generator for your law firm, then utilize the checklist for great starting points to turn your website into a lead generator.