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video marketing helps your law firm grow

Today, your potential clients are continually engaging with digital content, and video marketing is a great way to help your law firm grow. Videos are a visual representation of your brand and build your firm’s brand awareness. Your firm can utilize videos for many different marketing strategies.

However, video is more than just a marketing tool, video allows your law firm to visually explain and demonstrate your legal services. There are many benefits your law firm can achieve when utilizing video marketing to grow your business.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

A video provides both an audio and visual representation of your law firm. Video content can help your law firm spread its brand awareness and establish a good connection between you and your target audience.

Research shows that video marketing can increase brand awareness by 52% by showcasing your business’s personality to the audience. If you want to grab a lead’s attention, focusing on improving your firm’s brand awareness through video can help create a connection with your viewers and grow your business.

2. Enhance Social Media Marketingsocial media share button

Your firm’s video content offers the most authentic and engaging way for your target audience to understand your business. Social media’s purpose is to connect people to others and brands. When your firm posts a video, it can be shared by viewers, organically expanding your law firm’s reach to a viewer’s network. According to Wordstream, social media videos generate 1200% more shares than text and image content.

Boost Your Online Presence Through Social Media 

Overall, videos encourage your viewers to become more engaged, especially if they can share your firm’s videos on social media. Your firm can use your video content for many social media marketing efforts. For example, your law firm can utilize videos in a social media ad campaign or integrate videos into your social schedule across different platforms.

3. Boost Email Click-through Rate

Incorporating video content into your email marketing efforts can help increase your firm’s click-through rate (CTR). Did you know that over 80% of businesses use video in their email marketing efforts?

The most effective way to include a video in an email campaign is not to embed the video itself but to include it as a link. A video thumbnail in the email body can be used as the call to action for email subscribers to click to view your firm’s video on your website or a landing page. There are many ways that your law firm’s video content can be implemented in an email campaign to help increase your email CTR and boost your engagement.

4. Drive Website Traffic and SEOincrease web traffic

Your law firm’s videos can boost your SEO, leading to an increase in website visits. Videos are considered rich content on your website, ranking higher on search engines, like Google. When your audience visits your firm’s site, seeing a video can influence them to linger around a little longer and gets search engines to acknowledge visitor’s interest in the content your law firm has to offer.

5. Collect New Leads

One of the most important ways to grow your law firm is to collect new leads. Your law practice can use your videos to keep your viewers engaged on your website and transform a viewer into your next lead. Your firm can use your video content to collect new leads with a lead capture form.

If your law firm has taken the first step of engaging with new leads by posting a video, it’s the perfect time to capitalize on that interaction by capturing the lead’s information, including their email address. Next, your law firm can reach out to your leads and nurture a relationship with your firm.

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