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top 5 marketing trends for your law firm

As your law firm positions itself to succeed, leveraging marketing trends will help your business become efficient, productive, and competitive. Here are the top five legal marketing trends to understand.

1. Implement a Client-Centric Experience

No matter the industry, one persistent marketing trend is to put the client first. This means your firm needs to showcase the best service experience to your clients. First impressions are vital in turning a lead into your next client.

Some ways you can improve your client experience includes improving your website’s user experience. Your website can be a new client’s first impression of your law firm. Some hurdles can include the ease or difficulty of finding your contact information or your practice area information on your website. If a potential client can’t understand who you are on your website, you risk missing an opportunity to engage with new leads.

2. Promote Video Contentpromote video content

Users are continually engaging with content and video content is an important marketing trend your law firm should consider. Short-form videos and webinars allow your law firm to educate and show authority in a practice area. Videos also can be a visual representation of your brand to build your firm’s brand awareness. Videos can be utilized for many different marketing strategies. For example, it can be used in digital advertising campaigns, embedded in email campaigns, or used as a downloadable asset on your website.

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3. Embrace Emerging Technology

Technology is ever-changing in many industries, including the law industry. Remote-based activities now include work, school, and social activities for everyone. Law firms need to adapt by using these new technologies, including new ways to communicate with clients when meeting in person is not an option.

Some examples of technologies that allow for remote communications include video conferencing call tools, like Zoom or Skype. Another emerging technology law firms can utilize is artificial intelligence (AI). Having an AI messaging box appear on your website can help guide a user to resources on your website or schedule an appointment.

4. Boost Your SEO Strategysearch engine optimization

As the world becomes more tech-savvy, search engines like Google have become more sophisticated with intelligent algorithms. Your leads and clients rely on search engine results not only to find law firms but to answer their questions.

As more law firms emerge, using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies on your website can give you a competitive edge. SEO can power your law firm’s website to rank higher in a search engine, which in turn helps bring more potential clients to your site that have an interest in your services. If your law firm produces content relevant to your client base, your firm has a higher chance of visibility in a search engine result. A strong SEO strategy can increase website traffic, help gain more leads, and build brand awareness for your law firm.

5. Invest in Digital Advertising

People of all ages are being served digital ads on a multitude of platforms. The ability to advertise digitally to reach a higher volume of leads can create a tremendous return for a law firm. Once your law firm has established a robust online presence, leveraging digital advertising is a smart next step for your business.

For example, there are many digital advertising tactics, like paid search or paid social media, that your firm can utilize to reach a target audience. When your law firm targets the right people, your content will more likely connect with qualified leads. The more exposure users have to your law firm’s brand message online through paid efforts, the more likely they are to believe in your business’s ability to meet their legal needs.

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