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Tips for Law Firm Seminars & Webinars

So much emphasis is put on digital marketing these days that it can be easy to forget the value of meeting with people in person at a seminar or at least an online webinar. Speaking engagements and presentations are good ways to attract new clients and garner new business from existing clients.

Being the presenter for seminars and webinars helps establish you as an expert in your area of law and helps build credibility for your practice. Unlike email marketing strategies like newsletters, your seminar or webinar audience can interact with you. If you’re thinking about doing a presentation, here are some tips to get started.


Having a good turnout will help boost your credibility and chances of attracting new clients. You can market your seminar or webinar by using email campaigns and social media posts. Encourage attendees to preregister so you can get an idea of the number of people attending. If the preregistration numbers are low, consider asking some friends and family members to join.

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Reduce Distractions

At the beginning of your seminar, ask attendees to silence their phones to avoid distractions. If you’re presenting in a webinar, ask the attendees to mute their microphones. Most meeting platforms, such as Zoom, have ways for people to virtually raise their hands, signaling that they have a question or a comment.

Have an Outline

Give your audience a clear outline of your presentation at the beginning of the seminar or webinar. Your presentation should have a compelling introduction, an informative body, and a conclusion that ties the whole thing together. Let attendees know at the beginning if you want them to wait till the end to ask questions or if it’s okay to ask questions during your presentation.

The primary purpose of your presentation should be to educate your audience in a specific area of law. A firm overview of services to attract new business should be secondary. It’s okay to quickly give your qualifications at the beginning of the presentation and give a call to action at the end.

Audio & Visual Effects

Keep your audience engaged with multiple resources, including photos, videos, and charts, when they’re relevant. Offering real-life examples is an excellent way to supplement the facts and figures you present, and it will help prevent you from simply scrolling from one PowerPoint slide to the next. Of course, omitting names and other identifying information is necessary to protect the identity of anyone involved in the examples.

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Something for Their Time

If you’re presenting at a seminar, make sure the attendees have something tangible to take with them that has your law firm’s name, your name, and contact information. If you’re hosting a webinar, you obviously won’t be able to hand out anything tangible. However, you can extend an offer to the attendees, such as a free initial consultation.

Conclusion & Follow Up

At the end of your presentation, make sure you express your gratitude to your audience for attending. Let them ask questions and get their feedback and suggestions.

Whether you’re presenting a seminar or webinar, ensure their registration form includes their contact information. Follow up with them individually by email or with a written thank you card. This will give you the chance to remind them of your promotional offer or reconnect to answer questions.

For most people, presenting to a group takes practice. Take the time you need to plan your presentation and go through a few dry runs until you’re comfortable with the pace and the material.

Help with Seminars & Webinars

Managing a law practice takes a lot of time and effort. For busy lawyers, marketing initiatives are often the first things to procrastinate. Hiring a law firm-focused marketing firm, such as Law As a Business (LAB), to promote and provide your seminar and webinar resources will allow you to put more time and energy into your billable work. At LAB, we help attorneys run efficient, profitable law firms through creative solutions. Contact us today to learn how we can help your law firm set itself apart from the competition.

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