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The Power of a Webinar: 5 Reasons Why Webinars Work

More and more businesses are leveraging the power of webinars into their digital marketing strategy. Webinars are, by definition, virtual seminars that occur online in real-time using video technology. Webinars offer interactive opportunities that allow a speaker and participant to the community to communicate via webcam and microphone from any remote location. So, let’s learn more about the power of a webinar: 5 reasons why webinars work…

As a law firm, why would a webinar benefit your business?

Reason 1: Promote Your Law Firm

Webinars have the power to increase exposure of your business. Since a webinar is a virtual event, you can promote your webinar like a mini-marketing campaign utilizing digital channels. You can promote your webinar on channels such as social media, email, or embed on your website. Webinars can also transition into long-term assets. Your firm can repurpose the content by editing them down to shorter videos for promotion, embedding them into blogs, or archiving them as an accessible resource for existing clients.

Reason 2: Expand Your Audience

A webinar allows you to speak on a subject directly to an audience that is anywhere in your target market. If you serve multiple states, or even the entirety of one single state, you can reach all people in your available market through one event.

Webinars also open the door for you to have a conversation that reaches hundreds of people at once, ultimately growing your brand presence online. The ability to reach more of your target audience creates a possibility to assist with the legal needs of more than just your local market.

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Reason 3: Build Brand Awareness

Your law firm may have many goals in mind for a digital marketing strategy. Webinars can help build brand awareness for your law firm. Building brand awareness involves using a consistent marketing strategy to make a target audience more aware of your law firm’s brand identity. Running regular webinars can help your audience to have a consistent visual image of your firm’s brand, resulting in consumer recognition – especially when your audience is seeking legal advice.

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Reason 4: Position Your Firm as an Expert

The people who have registered for your webinar are specifically looking for information on the legal topic you’re covering. They are turning to you and your law firm as an expert thought leader. Leveraging the power of a webinar will keep your audience engaged with content relevant to their legal needs as well as offer an opportunity for asking questions and receiving real-time feedback. Webinar users are looking to gain value from your webinar presentation and in turn, can give you credibility in the law firm industry.

Reason 5: Drive New Leads

As a law firm, you are always looking for new clients. It is a common webinar practice to require registration in order to attend. Users submit their name, email, or other contact information, opting in to learn more about the topic and your business. A webinar gives you the chance to capture new leads for your firm. After a webinar, you then have the opportunity to follow up with attendees via a promotional email campaign or direct contact, which can lead to attendees turning into your next clients.


Webinars come with a ton of information about your prospects you can use to identify high-quality, sales-ready leads. With each webinar registrant, you can collect lead and engagement data your sales team can use to initiate personalized outreach.

Source: Hubspot

Being an effective presenter in an online environment is not easy. And it’s not something that can be easily learned and applied without practicing and receiving helpful feedback.

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