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The Importance of a Great Attorney Website

In the old days, a law firm, like any other business, would hang a shingle outside their office to let passersby know they existed. Today, it is still essential to have a sign of some kind outside of your office so new clients can find you. A well-created and maintained website is a digital sign that is as vital as a physical one and is much more functional in today’s world.

The importance of having a good law firm website can’t be overstated. Even if potential clients hear a positive review about your firm from an existing client, they are still highly likely to check out your website before contacting you. Your website should easily answer basic questions, such as which areas of law you practice, why you are qualified to practice in those areas, where your office is located, your business hours, and ways to contact you.

Reasons to Have a Website

One of the most important reasons to have a website for your law firm is to add credibility to your firm. You and your established clients know that you are a legitimate law practice, but the wider world may not be aware yet. Having a polished website showcasing your credentials and offering an overview of the areas of law that you practice will help assure new clients that they are in good hands when they hire you.

Another great reason to have an engaging website is to share information with your current clients, as well as potential clients. You can keep your clients abreast of changes in laws that may affect them, interesting views on the areas of law you work in, new hires in your firm, and upcoming events. Having a blog section on your website allows you to post articles you’ve written or found that are relevant to your practice. Having a robust collection of content that is optimized for search engines on your site will help you rank higher to reach the first page in Google searches for an attorney in your area, helping set you apart from your competitors.

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The Goals for Your Website

Before you start creating content for your law firm’s website, you will want to decide the goals your website should achieve. In other words, what do you want your website to do?

Some ideas for website goals include:

  • Increase awareness of your law firm and the areas of law you practice.
  • Rank high in searches in your areas of legal practice and geographic location.
  • Demand generation and lead capture.
  • A trusted source of information for clients and prospective clients.
  • Provide a convenient way for potential clients to contact you and schedule appointments.

Creating Your Website

Keeping your target audience in mind when creating content for your law firm’s website will help you connect with your clients and potential clients. Establishing a good connection with your intended audience will increase their chance of reading more about you and the services you offer and encourage them to schedule an appointment with you.

An excellent way to engage your audience is to use language they will understand and that resonates with them. For example, if you mostly practice business law, you may use a more formal and technical tone. On the other hand, if your practice is focused on estate planning, elder law, or family law, you may want to use a tone that is more sympathetic and less formal.

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Making Your Website Work for You

Creating a positive user experience for those who visit your law firm’s website is crucial for converting prospects into long-term clients. Make sure the content you post to your website is engaging, relevant, and fresh. All this takes time and effort, so you will need to set aside enough time to tackle it.

Like many other attorneys, you may not have the time or the desire to create and maintain a high-functioning website. You can hire a company, such as Law As a Business, to handle this critical part of your marketing strategy instead. Whether you handle your website yourself or hire professionals to do it for you, your website should be a key component of your law practice.

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