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The Benefits of Engaging Law Firm Website Design

Since we all have such easy access to the internet, we tend to go there whenever searching for goods and services. Whether looking for an auto repair shop, a restaurant, or a doctor, we know we can find them online. How a business presents itself online influences the viewer’s impression and affects how likely they are to contact them for a product or service.

As a business, the same principle holds true for your law firm. Whether potential clients are referred by existing clients or find you by searching online, your website has to catch their attention, draw them in, and convince them that they should hire your firm. Consider the following strategies and benefits when creating or modifying your law firm’s website.

Your Website’s Purpose

Think of your law firm’s website as more than just a platform to post your resume, services, and contact information. It can and should be much more. These days, a law firm website can serve several functions, including:

  • Presenting the areas of law you specialize in and explaining how you help clients with those needs
  • Allowing clients and potential clients to book appointments using a calendar application
  • Offering informative articles and videos on a blog or resource page for education
  • Announcing upcoming events, such as webinars and in-person seminars
  • Allowing clients to check the status of their documents, cases, and invoices using a portal
  • Enabling clients to communicate with you and your staff members

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Unique Value

There are many attorneys out there, and quite a few are doing the same type of work as you. How can you stand out among the competition? Take some time to think about your clients’ concerns and how you help them in ways your competitors can’t. Define your unique approach and list the benefits of your approach, not just what you do. Clients want to know what it’s like to work with you to set expectations about the experience.

Legal Resource

An excellent way to show you are a leader in your field is by using your website to offer your insights via articles and videos. You can address common issues and discuss the benefits of different solutions. You can also talk about trends and changes in the laws that pertain to your field of expertise. If these changes affect them, they will likely hire you to make the applicable updates.

Of course, you’ll stop short of giving out information that could be construed as legal advice. You may want to add a disclaimer to each blog post stating that the information you have given is simply for educational purposes and that it does not imply an established attorney-client relationship with the reader.

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Interacting with Your Clients

Having a website that allows your clients to fill out forms, upload and download documents, and communicate with you and your staff will streamline your workflow and decrease the chances of errors and miscommunications. Instead of mailing bills to clients, you can allow your clients to review and pay their bills using a convenient client portal on your website.

Today, your website must be more than a glorified business card. Talk with your clients and your staff members about how they would like to use this valuable tool. You may also consult your local bar association and the American Bar Association regarding ethics rules related to website design and content.

Maximizing the Potential of Your Website

If you need help building or updating a website, contact Law As a Business (LAB). We help practitioners and firms run efficient, profitable law firms through creative marketing solutions.

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