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technology your law firm should use

Many industries, including law firms, are facing incredible challenges to meet their clients’ needs. Law firms have started to use different technology to reach their customers. Legal professionals who were once opposed to technology are now becoming more open to the benefits these digital methods can provide for their law firm.

When looking at the data, it’s clear that clients are less interested in meeting lawyers face to face in their offices today. Not only are they equipped for video conferencing, paperless billing, and other forms of online communications, but they’re seeking these experiences more often. We will outline some technology your firm should utilize to help streamline your firm’s processes and boost your client experience.

Artificial Intelligence Tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been an ongoing popular technology trend in many industries, including the legal field. There are many ways that AI tools can assist your law firm, like answering questions on your website, scheduling appointments, and hiring for your business.

The most common artificial intelligence tool is an AI chatbot. The typical chatbot often appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen when you visit a website, usually in thechat form of a dialogue box just like the one on the page you are looking at now. Chatbots answer specific questions quickly without having to navigate a website or pick up a phone. AI tools can also handle scheduling appointments. Those initial consultations can be scheduled through the chatbot, eliminating the involvement of lawyers or receptionists. Law firms have also begun to use AI tools to make the hiring process more efficient. AI hiring tools can narrow thousands of resumes down to a reasonable number for review. These different artificial intelligence tools can save your law practice time and improve your customers’ user experience when interacting with your firm.

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Online Scheduling Tools

Law firms have a high dependence on meetings with both their staff and clients. Utilizing an online scheduling tool can help streamline operational processes within your legal practice. There are many benefits to investing in an online scheduling tool.

One of the most valuable benefits is it can help your conversion rate from leads to clients. For most customers, if a business doesn’t provide a booking option, you risk turning clients away from your business entirely, blemishing their experience with you. An intuitive scheduling tool also reduces cancellations and no-shows for your firm, ultimately saving your firm time. An online scheduling tool can put you ahead of your competition and position your firm for growth.

Virtual Consultations

During this time of uncertainty, many lawyers have begun serving their clients outside of the office. Offering virtual consultations to clients has many benefits for your practice and your client’s experience. Thanks to Skype, Zoom, and other forms of video conferencing technology, client consultations can still be face-to-face, even if they aren’t in-person. Virtual consultations allow your law firm to maintain business and, most importantly, allow for a safe and secure level of interaction for new and current customers.


When envisioning your legal practice’s future, it’s vital to know that the infrastructure standards for technology have evolved in a way that has made it more flexible, more secure, and easier to set up. Each of these trending technologies improves your client experience, which can lead to an overall increase in your law firm’s growth.

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