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strategies to boost your firms online reviews

Online reviews can help your firm grow, and embracing reviews is the first step. Your online reviews are essential for your law firm and will only become more valuable over time. In order to unlock this value will mean having to ask your clients to leave reviews, monitoring your reviews, and taking the time to respond to reviews.

If your firm is ready to gather online reviews, here are five strategies you can utilize to boost online reviews for your business.

1. Ask for Reviews

This task may seem simple, but it can be astounding to learn how few businesses ask their clients for reviews. If your law firm provides an excellent service to your clients, you should take pride in asking for reviews.

Often, a satisfied client will tell your firm how happy they are with your legal services. This situation can create an excellent opportunity to ask your happy client to leave an online review. It may seem like an uncomfortable conversation at first, but your firm will quickly realize how easy it is and how eager your content clients are to help your law firm.

2. Create a Custom Review Linkgoogle my business

Online review platforms, like Google, offer your business an opportunity to create a custom review link. If your law firm is not utilizing a Google My Business page, this is another platform that gains traction with reviews and can ultimately boost your SEO and online visibility.

Generating a review link through your Google My Business page can be achieved in a few simple steps.

  1. Sign into your Google My Business account.
  2. Select the location or business you want to manage.
  3. Click on the ‘Get more reviews’ button.
  4. Create a custom short URL by clicking the pencil to edit.
  5. Share with your client or add to your website.

After creating a custom review link, your law firm can leverage this link in many ways to gain more online reviews. For example, a client can use this custom link on your website or in email communication.

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3. Send a Review Email Campaign

Email campaigns can serve as a powerful tool to engage with your clients. If you have successfully helped clients with their legal matters, sending your client a series of emails that ask for a business review is a significant next step.

Creating and sending a review email campaign to your happy clients can consist of a series of emails or just one email. Once your law firm has identified satisfied clients, you can build an email campaign that includes a call-to-action that links to the place to leave a review to achieve more online reviews, and it should express gratitude for the opportunity to serve the client’s legal needs.

4. Add a Review Button to Your Firm’s Websitegive feedback button

Another easy way to get your law firm’s clients to leave a review is to add a review link on your website. Your law firm can utilize a review button on your website as a pop-up option or as a call-to-action that continuously stays on the footer of your website. This review button makes it much simpler for a client to find and write their review with ease.

5. Respond to All Online Reviews

Your law firm needs to respond to all online reviews. Responding to reviews shows that your law firm cares about your client’s experience and your firm is committed to improving. This act also communicates that it is worth your client’s time to leave your firm a review.

It’s also important to note that negative reviews of your firm will happen. You can’t please everyone, every time, and most people will understand this. It will come down to how your law firm responds to reviews that will truly matter. Your firm’s response often weighs more heavily in a potential client’s perspective of your firm when seeking a law firm to work with for their legal needs.

Your law firm’s online reviews are essential for several reasons. Gathering online reviews should not be left up to chance but strategically planned for your business. Your law firm can start gaining more reviews by utilizing these five strategies.

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If you’re ready to take the next step for increasing your law firm’s online reviews, Law As a Business (LAB) Services can help. We work with elder law and estate planning firms on all aspects of marketing, including online review strategies to help your firm grow.

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