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Utilize Social Media

In this digital age, we are consuming content as quickly as it goes live. If your business isn’t getting digitally savvy and adopting best practices to utilize social media, you’re missing an opportunity to connect with your consumers and potentially gain new leads. Today, numerous social media platforms work to meet specific brand marketing goals. Some of the major social platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and so many more.

Social media is not just for friends and family anymore, and it has become a popular marketing channel for brands to connect to their consumers. There are many benefits that a company, including law firms, can take advantage of by establishing yourself on social media channels.

321 million new people joined social media in 2019, which brought the total from 3.48 billion to 3.8 billion social media users (an increase of 9%) in 2020.

Source: Hootsuite Inc.

So, what’s the best way to utilize social media best practices for marketing?

Your law firm can add value to your overall business goals by adding social media efforts to your marketing mix. Some value that your firm can leverage includes brand awareness, engagement, new leads, thought leadership, and growth of your firm’s SEO. Let’s take a deeper dive into the potential value that social media can bring to your business.

Building Brand Awareness

Creating a presence on social media helps you and your firm get your message in front of the right audience and increase your brand awareness. Consumers of all ages are increasing their social media usage. So positioning your brand on the social media platforms that your target audience uses is key to growing your law firm’s brand awareness.

Checklist for Social Media Marketing for Your Law Firm 

Engage with Your Target Audience

Engage with Your Target AudienceSocial media was created to be social, and brands, including law firms, are leveraging this opportunity. Which makes it a valuable marketing tool to engage with your market and turn them into potential clients. And the right social media channels can provide your network with all kinds of content, from informative articles to answering questions to insights about your firm and so much more.

Create New Leads through Paid Social

Social media is a highly effective tool for law firms to utilize to attract new clients. Leveraging paid social media is one powerful way to generate new leads through your social media content, especially when you create highly targeted content to meet a specific audience need.

Establish Credibility in Your Market

Social media provides an opportunity to position your firm as an expert in the legal landscape. Your law firm can influence your social media followers with content that showcases your knowledgeable insights on a specific practice area. For example, suppose your law firm specializes in Medicaid planning, and you post Medicaid related blogs or other informative content on the subject. In that case, your firm is demonstrating your authority in that legal area.

Advance Your Firm’s SEO

Social media can be a powerful asset to improving your search engine ranking. Google and other search engines are continuing to increase content from social feeds into search results. So having a social media presence can lead to a higher chance of visibility on a search engine. Also, a social media page with developed content can contribute to the overall improvements in online visibility and increase traffic.

Having a strong social media presence provides your law firm with many opportunities to engage potential clients. Law as a Business (LAB) can help your firm reach your marketing goal with a social media strategy that works. Contact us and let’s discuss social media strategies your law firm could utilize to bring in more business.

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