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How SEO and PPC Can Work Together for your Law Firm

It can become an endless debate on which is better for your business, organic or paid traffic. It is a common assumption that SEO and PPC are different marketing strategies and should be treated as such. But the reality is that SEO and PPC have the power to work in tandem for your business to increase your leads, conversion rate, inbound traffic, and revenue.

Before diving into how SEO and PPC’s powerhouse strategies can work together for your firm’s benefit, it’s vital to understand the difference between the two.

What is SEO?

The term SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” This marketing strategy employs the planned placement of keywords into website content(web pages, blogs, and landing pages) to optimize the website to appear at the top of a search engine result. The higher the search engine algorithm measures a web page or blog article for having relevant keywords, the higher it will rank when a user searches for that specific keyword.

Keywords are the backbone of SEO, which drive how web content is ranked, what content it will be ranked against, and what websites appear to be spam. The better the keywords  used throughout the website, the stronger the web content’s opportunity to rank. Overall, a higher ranking will increase website traffic, create new leads, and improve the conversion rate for your law firm’s website.

What is PPC?

Search illustrating PPC ads

The abbreviation PPC refers to “pay-per-click.” It involves using a business’s Google Adwords account to run ads on a set budget, charging against your budget for each click on the ad.

Compared to SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) does not rely on keywords. Alternatively, PPC uses keywords to ensure visibility by looking for similar products or services. The ad link on the search engine results will not be listed among the organic results. Instead, the PPC ads are seen at the top of a search result that is numbered but usually say “ad” or “advertisement.”

PPC ad campaigns allow businesses, including law firms, to buy visibility on a search engine. However, the more the increase in traffic and link clicks through the PPC ad, the more money a business will have to pay until the end of the campaign, or the established budget is hit.

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The Benefits of Using SEO and PPC Together

Both SEO and PPC try to improve Internet traffic to increase leads, conversions, and exposure in the marketplace. There are a number of ways that combining SEO and PPC could benefit your firm’s overall marketing strategy, including higher visibility, sharing keyword data, PPC informing SEO strategy, keyword testing, and controlling negative reviews.


Using both SEO and PPC quickly increases your law firm’s exposure on search engine result pages. Utilizing both SEO and PPC will allow your firm to rank higher in organic and paid search results and thus also increasing traffic. This higher level of visibility also establishes your firm as a viable legal resource to your target audience.

Sharable Keyword Data

Running organic and PPC campaigns will give your firm double the data to analyze. Using the keyword data from SEO and PPC, you can determine which words have the highest conversion rate to optimize your overall strategy.

High Performing PPC Copy to Inform Your Organic Content Strategy

What works for PPC can often work for SEO. Determining which PPC ads results have the most conversions will provide vital insights on how to create new SEO elements like title tags, meta descriptions, and page content for your website pages that you want to rank organically.

Test Keywords with PPC

PPC ads are an excellent resource for refining your organic keyword strategy. As your keyword research evolves, you can test the conversion rate of the words you want to rank for organically through PPC ads. Your firm will be able to test the effectiveness of the organic keywords and fine-tune your strategy appropriately.

Control Negative Review and PR

Finally, combining SEO and PPC can polish up your law firm’s image if you receive a bad review. In this case, keywords and an ad campaign are utilized to direct customers to where they can hear your side of the story or a positive perspective of the situation.

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