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Free Business and Marketing Resources

don't let your marketing take a holiday

Automate your marketing to increase your leads during the holidays.

Stay top of mind as potential clients are seeing their families with a system in place for self-scheduling to fill your calendar into the new year.

Watch this video to learn techniques and tools to help attorneys reach their potential clients over the holidays.

Integrated Marketing Strategy Checklist

Develop a sustainable integrated marketing strategy

To help your law firm, we have put together an integrated marketing checklist, which will guide you through each step in the process.

Download this checklist and stay consistent with your marketing efforts for your law firm.

Free Business and Marketing Resources

Implement Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Law Firm

It’s no secret that effectively marketing your law practice is key to building a thriving, sustainable business.

Download this free marketing guide and learn how to leverage relevant communication channels and tools, connect with assisted living facilities and nursing homes, and how to nurture your professional network.


Learn the truth about SEO myths and how you can implement best website practices to better your organic search rankings.

Learn what SEO means and the three most circulated myths about this mysterious but important service. You will learn about the fallacies spread about SEO and the truth about what you can do to help your potential clients find your website.

Watch this video and learn simple fixes to help your law firm’s website overall health and functionality.


Protect Your Business from the Next Shutdown

With COVID-19 continuing to spread, it’s important to plan now for the possibility of another shutdown so that your business and income stream are protected. Attorneys who adapted their marketing and office procedures quickly after the first shutdown were least affected, continued helping clients and gained new business.

During this video you will learn digital marketing strategies that can help you keep in touch with referral sources, potential clients and your client base even if you’re required to keep a safe distance.

Free Business and Marketing Resources

Everything works hand-in-hand

Thanks to the Internet and social media, your marketing efforts now have a much greater — and more measurable — reach. While marketing messages used to be relegated to print ads (with no guarantee that the prospective clients you were targeting would see them), they can now be targeted and measured to gauge penetration and efficacy.

All of these digital marketing strategies work hand in hand to help you grow and nurture your contacts and referral sources.

integrated Marketing

Increase your ROI with an integrated marketing strategy.

Posting relevant content, maximizing SEO, keeping your website current, managing email campaigns can be overwhelming. Having an integrated marketing strategy will increase your return on investment and give the marketplace a clear picture of the services you provide.

Maximize the impact your message has on potential clients and referral sources with an integrated marketing strategy. We’ll show you how.

online events

Keep driving business to your law firm with online events.

The days of only doing in-person events to bring in new clients are behind us. Online events will expand your reach beyond anything you’ve done in the past.

In this recorded course, learn how to conduct successful online meetings and speaking events. We will cover the opportunities and programs in detail that can be used for your online events, and we will provide tips on how to engage attendees before, during, and (most importantly) after your online meetings and events.


Law firms need to re-evaluate how to meet with clients

These Free Business and Marketing Resources provides information on digital and cloud-based technologies and insights on running a business and a team virtually. Also included are resources you can use in your communications to your clients and communities.

Amid COVID-19, transitioning to remote meetings and work environments, will illustrate responsiveness and flexibility during a time of caution.

Gaining New Clients Through Digital Advertising

An effective digital marketing strategy should provide value to your audience, capture visitor information, and nurture those that engage to aid in conversion.

Digital advertising is one of the best ways to get your message out—to share information, support the decision making process, and attract clients.

Watch this video to review current digital advertising options, successful (and unsuccessful) case studies, and techniques to increase the effectiveness of your next advertising campaign.


Outperform Traditional Channels

Digital marketing can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re introducing your law practice to a new audience. The implementation of an online strategy with digital marketing tactics is key to bringing your business to the next level.

Download this whitepaper and learn why marketing online is important for the longevity of your law firm.

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