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Free Business and Marketing Resources

Free Business and Marketing Resources

Implement Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Law Firm

It’s no secret that effectively marketing your law practice is key to building a thriving, sustainable business.

Download this free marketing guide and learn how to leverage relevant communication channels and tools, connect with assisted living facilities and nursing homes, and how to nurture your professional network.

Free Business and Marketing Resources

Everything works hand-in-hand

Thanks to the Internet and social media, your marketing efforts now have a much greater — and more measurable — reach. While marketing messages used to be relegated to print ads (with no guarantee that the prospective clients you were targeting would see them), they can now be targeted and measured to gauge penetration and efficacy.

All of these digital marketing strategies work hand in hand to help you grow and nurture your contacts and referral sources.

Law firms need to re-evaluate how to meet with clients

These Free Business and Marketing Resources provides information on digital and cloud-based technologies and insights on running a business and a team virtually. Also included are resources you can use in your communications to your clients and communities.

Amid COVID-19, transitioning to remote meetings and work environments, will illustrate responsiveness and flexibility during a time of caution.

Keep driving business to your law firm with online events.

The days of only doing in-person events to bring in new clients are behind us. Online events will expand your reach beyond anything you’ve done in the past.

In this recorded course, learn how to conduct successful online meetings and speaking events. We will cover the opportunities and programs in detail that can be used for your online events, and we will provide tips on how to engage attendees before, during, and (most importantly) after your online meetings and events.

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