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Establish credibility for website visitors

website design and engagement tips for attorneys

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Your website is your law firm’s online home. It is where you host guests, provide information, generate new business, and build trust with all who visit. Designing your website so that accessing the site’s features easily and effortlessly is the foundation of an effective website strategy.

Sharing relevant content and incorporating engagement opportunities creates opportunities to build credibility whether the visitor is a:

  • Referral Source or Professional Partner
  • Existing Client
  • Prospective Client

We will share web design and engagement tips to ensure your website visitors can easily navigate and gain insight into your ability to solve their problems. And we’ll share tips on how to use your website to create efficiency and serve as a sales tool for your business!

Who Should watch this video: Attorneys and staff interested in learning more about website design and engagement as part of their marketing strategy.

Duration: 60 minutes

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