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Create a successful client maintenance plan

the secrets to implementing a maintenance plan that clients value

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Attorneys know that elder law and estate planning is designed for a snapshot in time. Specific planning strategies are based on the client’s concerns and priorities at the particular time that the client meets with an attorney.

However, life is not static, and those worries change and evolve over time. The answer to making sure clients’ plans evolve with them is establishing regular communication to update or modify their plans. Unfortunately, creating a successful maintenance plan is easier said than done.

Catherine Hammond will discuss the value that her firm’s Legacy Protection Plan maintenance plan provides for her clients.

She will cover:

  • How to help clients understand the importance to a successful plan
  • What services are included
  • How to talk about the next phase of planning after the documents have been signed

Catherine has created a program that allows her office to have an ongoing long-term relationship with her clients and their families. She will share the secrets for implementing a valuable maintenance plan.

Who Should watch this video: Attorneys and staff interested in creating a maintenance plan program for their firm’s clients.

Duration: 44 minutes