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Plan events to bring in new clients

virtual, in-person, or both - considerations for prospective client presentations in an unpredictable landscape

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Hosting live presentations to educate the public about legal issues a law firm can solve has been a keystone marketing tool for lawyers. But the last year and a half has made it difficult to decide which format is best for hosting an engaging presentation.

During the recorded webinar, we discuss the pros and cons of using different presenting platforms, whether it be:

  • In-person
  • Online
  • A little bit of both

We’ll discuss the technology that can help you and pitfalls to avoid.

We may not be able to predict what’s coming next, but there are planning contingencies that can help you plan and market a successful event no matter what happens.

Who Should watch this video: Attorneys and staff interested in learning different options for planning events to bring in new clients and increase business.

Duration: 47 minutes