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Keep driving business to your law firm with online events.

Exclusive 3-Part Video Series

Law firms are being forced to quickly adapt to hosting online meetings and speaking events.

ElderCounsel has run its business as a virtual company for the past 11+ years. We have conducted hundreds of online meetings and seminars. We’ve learned a lot along the way and shared tips/tricks and processes with law firms.

This three-part webinar series to help business owners adapt to this “new normal” by providing detailed instruction on how to conduct successful online meetings and speaking events.

Part 1: Online Events and Meetings are the New Normal—Embrace the Change
Our world has been turned upside down but that does not mean that business has to stop. It just means we have to pivot and embrace a new way to conduct business online. There are numerous opportunities to host meetings, and several choices in terms of technology to use. We also have to find new ways to provide compelling presentations online now that in-person speaking engagements are on hold. This session will cover the opportunities and programs in detail that can be used for your online events, and we will provide tips on how to engage attendees during your online meetings and events.

Part 2: Setting up the Registration Process and Getting the Word out
Whether you are hosting a virtual happy hour, meeting with a client, or you are hosting an online speaking event, making it easy to register and access the meeting is key. But with the wrong equipment, the event can flop, resulting in frustration on both ends. Failing to promote it properly can result in a disappointing event for you. We’ll make sure you are clear about how to get people registered, how to communicate the way they can access the meeting, and we’ll make sure you understand the equipment and internet requirements for a successful meeting every time. We’ll also help you discover new ways to market your events that will help you rise above all of the email “noise” currently taking place.

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Part 3: Getting and Keeping Engagement—Before, During, and After Your Event
How will you remind attendees of your event? Have you provided clear instructions for use of their webcam? How will you handle questions while you are speaking? What techniques can you use to engage attendees? We’ve tackled all of these issues and more over the years and will share best practices to help you avoid having your event sidetracked with technical issues. We’ll also provide you valuable instruction on how to properly follow up with attendees so you can reap the rewards of a successful online event.

Recorded: March 24-26, 2020

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