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The Digital Marketing Combination You Need

blogging and social media

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Most attorneys have invested in building a modern website as their firm’s online home. Now the challenge is how to attract people to your home? 

Search engine optimization will take you only so far and digital ads can require a significant investment. Blogging combined with social media can create a steady flow of visitors to your website and allow you to monitor the visitors to your website as you increase brand awareness.

During the recording, we discuss how these tools work hand in hand to drive traffic to your website and keep you top of mind with your potential clients.

We cover:

  • The ideal frequency of blog posting
  • How to attract attention to those posts with social media
  • The best way to track the effectiveness of these efforts

Who Should watch this video: Attorneys and staff interested in learning how to leverage content marketing with a combination of blogging and social media marketing.

Duration: 46 minutes