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how the micro-niche marketing approach is shifting law firms

The “new normal” of pandemic life has created many shifts in the legal industry, one of which being the rise of micro-niche targeting. Micro-niche targeting involves focusing your firm’s marketing efforts on different, more highly focused demographics that care about a very specific aspect of your business.

According to an American Legal Magazine article, “5 Trends That Will Shape Legal Practices in 2021,” recent data suggests that clients prefer targeted legal services.

Further, increasing complexities in specific industries are creating the need for high-value legal expertise in particular areas. This has led to the rise of micro-niche marketing and the demand for specialized legal services in the coming years.

Let’s take a deeper dive into understanding the micro-niche marketing approach and how it can help your law firm succeed in the future.

What is the Micro-niche Marketing Approach?

Micro-niche marketing is a strategy that focuses on a particular audience and a particular legal offering instead of marketing your entire law practice to everyone who could benefit from your full suite of legal services. This marketing strategy identifies an exclusive segment of your target market that is more likely to benefit from the promoted legal service.

For example, if your law firm wants to push estate planning documents to a younger audience, you could consider promoting powers of attorney (POA) to individuals turning 18-years-old. This decision could be made in part by analyzing your target market and discovering a high percentage of the population will be turning 18 in your market in the coming years. By grasping the opportunity to promote your POA estate plan offerings to 18-year-olds, you’re able to reach an audience that needs your services and potentially turn them into long-term clients as they experience more life events that require ongoing estate planning services.

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Understanding Why the Shift to Micro-Niches Has Occurredbullseye with arrow

Law firms of all sizes have been marketing their legal services to large segments of their demographic but targeting legal services to a specific niche may be a better strategy. Micro-niche focused marketing allows your law firm to target leads that meet your firm’s specific business growth goals. A deep understanding of your clients, your industry, your long-term business goals, and your prospect’s business pain points allows your firm to provide tailored services that genuinely add value in your client’s eyes. Your firm can capitalize on becoming the go-to specialist within a distinguished area. Targeting a small segment of a target audience helps you set yourself apart from competitors and become thought leaders in your legal industry niche.

How Micro-Niches Can Benefit Your Law Firm

Having less competition is one of the valuable benefits of micro-niche marketing for law firms. If your practice can find a highly profitable micro-niche, you can dominate that niche. When people search for the keywords within your niche, they’ll find your site first because the search results aren’t already saturated with competition. You can become the best-known expert in this topic area.

Choosing a micro-niche allows you to serve your clients better. You can’t be all things to all people. When you cast your net too wide, you end up with nothing unique to offer. Micro-niche marketing allows your law firm to understand the topic well and offer the exact help people are seeking.

Also, micro-niche marketing is ideal for smaller law firms since you don’t have the resources to compete in more competitive practice areas.

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