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Marketing Tips for Your Elder Law Practice

Elder law attorneys often wonder whether or not they can truly gain value from their direct-mail strategies and what, if any, advantages it provides over online marketing. So, what are the best marketing tips for your elder law practice…

When posing the question, “What is the BIGGEST advantage that direct mail has over online marketing?” to several attorneys recently, they provided some informative responses, including:

  • Direct mail is much more likely to be opened and read.
  • It is more targeted.
  • Your social media audience may not even be online.
  • Direct mail may have a shelf life
  • When someone is reading your direct mail piece, they are not reading something else at the same time (compared to being on the Web).

All of these responses speak to traffic and reach. What they don’t address, though, is strategy. The tactics question is only relevant subsequent to a well-thought-out and articulated marketing strategy. Solutions to achieve traffic (number of readers) and reach (speaking to your target audience) are only effective when incorporated into a strategic marketing plan for lawyers.

‘Four walls marketing’

Successful brands often begin with “four walls marketing” before executing traffic and reach tactics. Four walls marketing relates to what is happening in your business: What is the experience of a client who calls your elder law practice? How well is your office managed? Are your employees happy? Is customer service and professionalism a daily dynamic in your practice? What is the appearance of your waiting room? Do you have documented systems? Have you made accommodations for elders?

If your four walls marketing is meeting your expectations, then it is time to lay out a six-month, customized elder law practice marketing plan.

A good plan will include:

  • An accurate description of your target market (outlining his/her needs, stress points and areas where you can uniquely help him/her).
  • A geographic description of where your clients are located.
  • A good mix of firm branding and traffic-building communications.
  • A financial budget and calendar.
  • And most importantly, a way to track results.

While this advice one scratches the surface of the potential marketing tactics available to elder law practices,  Law As a Business works with attorneys in all areas of practice building and excellence. If you’re interested in learning more about potential marketing plans, or need help getting started on your own, we can help. Contact us today.

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