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Expand into new areas for legal services

three key strategies for marketing a new practice area

When you add a new practice area to your firm it is safe to say that nobody will hire you for those services unless they know you provide them. Without a marketing plan for the new practice area, you risk hearing a sentence no attorney wants to hear from a client EVER –“I didn’t know you did that or I would have hired you.”

Many attorneys focus heavily on learning the law as they expand services but overlook the importance of an accompanying marketing strategy. The communication rollout is essential to produce the expected profit that motivated the expansion in the first place.

During this recording you will learn:

  • Three key marketing strategies to keep in mind as you add a new practice area.
  • The elements of a new practice marketing strategy.
  • A powerful planning tool for gaining new clients and adding an additional service for your current clients

Who should watch this video: Attorneys and staff that work with firms that have recently expanded into new practices or are looking to do so in the future.

Duration: 60 minutes