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If you are looking for an answer to a question, where is the first place you go?

We all turn to the Internet to answer our questions and to find businesses that fit our needs. Regardless of business size, 47% of consumers will visit a business’s website before making a buying decision.

Does your law firm have a website? If not, or you created your website over a decade ago, your firm is missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with potential clients.

The Internet is not going away but continually evolving to meet users’ needs. In this blog, we will outline the importance of web development and explain the many benefits law firms can experience with an optimized website.

What is Website Development?

Website development refers to the work that goes into building a website. Website development can be as complex or simple as needed for business needs. This could be from creating a single landing page to developing a complex multi-page website.

Why is Web Development Important?

In our technology-driven world, it’s essential to understand the basics of website development and design and why it is vital for any business, including law firms. A law firm’s online presence starts with a website.

In the eyes of a client, your website is their first impression of your firm. Most potential clients are searching online for solutions to their legal needs. If your firm is not utilizing the web, it does not exist in the digital sphere where most clients spend their time.

What are the Benefits of a Great Website for Law Firms?

Law firms need to have a website not only because it is usually the first place a potential client will learn about your business, but because a website has many benefits that can help grow your firm.

1. Increase Credibility

A website establishes credibility from the start. If a potential client is researching for a specific law firm and doesn’t find a website, they are more likely to lose trust in the firm’s credibility as a reliable business. A firm’s website can assure users of legitimacy by presenting content on the website that informs a visitor of all practice areas, who you are, resources, testimonials, and reviews. Establishing a website and populating it with informative content showcases a law firm as a trustworthy business that delivers on its promises.

2. Improve Brand Identity

How a user views a law firm is a significant aspect of whether or not that lead will turn into the next client. It’s vital to establish your law firm’s brand identity early on, but it can be difficult if your firm doesn’t have an online presence to showcase the brand. A website is the best way to answer all potential clients’ questions and amplify a law firm’s brand identity.

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3. Build Client Relations

As a law firm grows, you want to forge a strong connection with loyal customers. A firm’s website helps build strong connections with clients by offering them a chance to learn who you are and educate them on different practice areas. If a law firm’s website centers around a seamless user experience and is informative when a client visits, this will help make that client respond positively to the law firm.

4. Boost Digital Marketing

A firm’s digital marketing efforts thrive on having a website. Digital marketing allows a law firm to target a specific audience with paid advertising. The most effective digital marketing will drive traffic to a law firm’s website. If leads click on an ad and it doesn’t lead to a website they are more likely to lose trust in that business.

5. Drive Organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to users landing on a firm’s website without you paying for them to find you. If a law firm’s website is well-optimized, a potential client will have a more substantial chance to find the website through an Internet search. If a website is optimized, the law firm is more likely to show up on a search engine result, which is free website traffic. Law firms can optimize their website, including optimizing through SEO keyword research, blogging, link building, and more.

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If your law firm is ready to update your existing website or start from scratch, Law As a Business (LAB) can help. We work with elder law and estate planning firms on all aspects of website development for your business. We can build a website from beginning to end with functional web solutions customized to meet your business goals.

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