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the value of local SEO for your law firm

Is your local audience finding your law firm online? If not, utilizing local search engine optimization can make local searching work for your business.

What is Local SEO?

This is a variation of search engine optimization to ensure your business gets discovered on search engines, like Google, by people searching in their local area that match your local SEO keywords. This type of SEO promotes your business’ visibility on a location-based search and improves your local search rankings.

You can install a Google Maps plug-in of your business location on your website to optimize locally. Optimizing allows Google to pick up your firm’s geo-location to show up in searchmap on smartphone results for your local area. Another way to boost your local SEO is to include location keywords, like city, county names, and state, throughout your business’s website content.

How Does Local SEO Impact Your Law Firm?

The most significant impact local SEO can have for your business is targeting your local market better. Local SEO is essential if your law firm only practices in a specific area or has a brick-and-mortar office.

Local SEO comes into play when users search for a specific practice area and have their location services activated. Local SEO helps drive traffic to your physical location by making your business information visible to searchers in your general location.

A Forbes study showed 95% of smartphone users had used their device to perform mobile searches for local businesses, out of which 61% called the business. A user searching for a specific service that your law firm offers can mean you’ve most likely reached a qualified lead and benefit from a higher conversion rate with your local SEO. Visibility is a crucial result from local SEO; when your law firm’s information appears on a search result, this can increase your organic reach to your market.

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What are the Benefits of Implementing Local SEO?

SEO is ever-changing, but people who are close to you and actively searching for your type of business represent a highly desirable group of people that you want to discover your law firm.

There are many benefits your law firm can get from implementing a local SEO keyword strategy.magnifying glass

Visibility. Greater local visibility means more traffic and more opportunity to gain new leads and sales. Whenever a user searches for your type of business or practice areas, local SEO can help put your law firm’s name and information in front of their eyes.

Targeted traffic. Optimizing your website for local search delivers more targeted traffic and more overall traffic to relevant search terms. This targeted traffic can also help your business find qualified leads.

Higher reach. Local SEO allows for more avenues beyond Google to reach more people. SEO allows your business to reach more people on other platforms, like social media and other local marketing platforms.

Generate more Leads and Sales. Visibility, reach, and targeted traffic together can generate more leads and turn into sales for your law firm. The audience you reach is most likely interested in your services and, as a qualified lead, can be moved into the sales process sooner.

Google. Local SEO benefits your optimization on Google, a commonly used search engine, and can enhance your Google Maps visibility. Today, Google Maps is more than just a directions tool; and it also gives a user information on nearby businesses.

Competitive Edge. Local SEO can give your business a competitive edge if your SEO and digital marketing efforts have plateaued. New and emerging technology drive local SEO, and if your competition is not utilizing these technologies while you are, your business has an opportunity to gain an edge.

Increase trust and authority. Content optimization helps establish your business as a trustworthy source for people’s needs in your area. When more potential leads find your firm’s website, your business is viewed as a reputable source for their legal needs.

Grow a local network. Social media plays a role in local SEO and helps your business engage with your local audience. If your firm does this well, you can create a local network of followers.

Local SEO has the potential to be an excellent tool for your law firm. At Law As a Business (LAB) Services, we can partner with your law firm and help your business create a winner SEO strategy utilizing Local SEO to help reach your business goals.

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