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how to leverage paid advertising for your firm

Paid advertising can be a great benefit to your law firm’s overall content marketing strategy. Paid ads can help your firm reach a broad target audience by being positioned in all the places or channels you want to be seen by your audience.

If your law firm uses paid advertising to reach new leads, it is vital for your paid advertising and content marketing efforts to work in tandem.

What is Paid Advertising?

Paid advertising, by definition, is any type of advertising that you have to pay for versus owned or earned advertising.

Today, paid advertising gears towards online advertising, where advertisers bid to participate in real-time auctions to show their ads within a specific platform or network space. A well-known paid advertising method is known as PPC advertising which stands for Pay-Per-Click advertising. PPC advertising allows your law firm to buy visibility online. However, the greater the increase in traffic and link clicks through the PPC ad, the more money your firm will have to pay until the end of the campaign or the established budget is hit.

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Why is Content so Essential for Paid Advertising?

Imagine your firm is running a Facebook campaign or a Google Ad. You’ve optimized the target audience and reach. Still, your ad doesn’t connect your user to a great piece of content that can provide them with an informative solution to the issue your audience is facing.

What will happen? Most likely, your cost-per-click (CPC) will be high and your engagement rate low (a measurement of how much activity an audience has with content). Unfortunately, your law firm’s ad will be wasting money. Without valuable content to direct users who click to a website, your opportunity to gain new leads without offering a promotion or educational information will be limited. Leveraging both excellent content and paid ad campaigns is the best way to get new leads.

How to Blend Paid Ads into Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Leveraging paid advertising with valuable, relevant content can address many roadblocks that can arise when your law firm runs an ad campaign. But, how do you know what to do first?

Marketers tend to agree that content comes first. Your law firm needs to start with identifying your most valuable content and work from there. An example of valuable content includes a downloadable eBook or questionnaire that educates your audience on your practice areas and showcases your firm’s legal expertise. It’s vital to identify the best content for your chosen paid channel. When your firm engages in paid advertising, you need to choose content that will yield the best results for your firm. This type of content ranks high, gets tons of engagement, and outperforms other relevant key performance indicators (KPIs). If your law firm is backing a paid ad with insightful content, you can drive leads to your firm.

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Having helpful content behind your law firm’s paid advertising is critical for engaging with leads that may become your next client. Law As a Business (LAB) can help your firm reach the right target audience utilizing paid adverting and can create valuable content that works.

Reach new potential clients.Gaining New Clients Through Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is one of the best ways to get your message out in an increasingly competitive and noisy digital landscape. Effective strategies are essential to get beyond your existing audience. Learn how to share information, support the decision making process, and attract clients.