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Legal Marketing Mistakes Your Law Firm Should Avoid

For all businesses, marketing efforts are critical to your ability to bring in potential clients and give a clear understanding of what your law firm can offer. Unfortunately, many law practices fail to market themselves correctly.

Instead of bringing in new clients, a firm’s marketing efforts may cause you to spend more without any traction or ROI. Many attorneys make these common marketing mistakes when promoting their law firm.

Are you one of them?

1. Not Understanding Your Target Audience

Who is your law firm trying to reach?

The success of your business depends on developing a clear target audience. Aligning the demographics that would most likely benefit from your practice areas is critical. For example, if your law firm focuses on elder law, you wouldn’t be targeting 20-year-olds. Although legal services can vary for many different demographics, is it essential to promote the right legal services to the audience that would benefit the most from your firm’s service. Once your firm has identified your ideal target audience, you can begin using marketing tactics to reach them and potentially turn them into your next client.

2. Not Implementing Local SEO

Are you using a local SEO strategy on your firm’s website?map on smartphone

Your firm’s local market is one of the most important places to target your legal services.  The most significant impact local search engine optimization (SEO) can have for your business is targeting your local market better. Local SEO is essential if your law firm only practices in a specific location or has a brick-and-mortar office. Local SEO comes into play when potential leads search for a specific practice area and have their location services activated. There are many benefits your law firm can get from implementing a local SEO keyword strategy. Those benefits include higher visibility, targeted traffic, better reach, improved Google rankings, a competitive edge, and overall generation of new leads and sales.

3. Not Following Up with Leads

When a lead gives your firm their information, who do they get?

It’s vital for your law firm to have a follow up strategy that fosters relationships with your leads through email, phone calls, and other means. It is essential to nurture a lead because they could become your next client. A follow-up strategy helps your business grow because it takes your prospect on a journey that helps positively influence their behavior and perception of your law firm. There are multiple ways to communicate with a lead that both educate and build brand awareness. A lead has taken the first step of showing their interest by providing their information to your law firm. The next step is up to you on how you follow up and turn them into your client.

Create an Effective Email Campaign to Nurture Leads 

4. Not Using Social Media and Blogs

Is your firm on social media or blogging?

One of the best marketing methods to catch the attention of potential clients is to become a relevant source for information. Blogs and social media posts are an effective way to establish a robust online presence. Not taking advances of a blog or social media strategy is a big mistake for attorneys. Implementing blogs and different social media accounts can also push more traffic to your website while improving your law firm’s SEO. The more relatable and educational the content of your post, the more people will click on your links to learn more about your law firm.

5. Not Researching the Competition

Do you know of other lawyers in your area and on which practice areas they focus?

Your firm is not the only law firm in your immediate market; there are also plenty of attorneys that focus on the same practice areas as your law firm. Understanding who your competitors are and what your competition is doing is vital for standing out in the legal market. If your firm is not paying attention to other firms’ marketing efforts in your area, you’re missing out on an opportunity to implement a competitive edge. Your firm should be taking note of other law firm’s social media efforts, keywords strategy, and advertising. Understanding your competition allows your firm to improve its marketing efforts to give you an advantage in the legal space.

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An effective marketing strategy is integral to growing your law firm. Establishing your brand and attracting new leads takes time and effort. Law As a Business (LAB) Services can help implement a marketing strategy for your law practice. We work with elder law and estate planning firms on all aspects of marketing, including practice area-specific marketing tactics for your business.

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