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Lawyer Referral Marketing

Whether you are a new attorney or have been practicing for years, you know that getting referrals from your existing clients is the best way to get new clients. For some attorneys, getting their clients to refer to them may seem daunting, but with some easy strategies, it can be relatively painless.

Excellent Client Experience

We all share the experiences we have with local businesses. The reviews we hear and read and the referrals we get influence our decisions. The best way to get good reviews and referrals and attract new clients is to provide excellent customer service to your existing clients. Providing excellent service may seem obvious. After all, that is what you were trained to do. But each client is a unique opportunity in a long chain of unique opportunities to provide excellent service.

Easy Referral Process

After your clients have had an excellent experience with you, they should be able to quickly leave positive reviews online and refer others to you. Think of any barriers that may prohibit your clients from leaving reviews or giving referrals, and eliminate those barriers. The best way to garner reviews and referrals may be to build asking for a review into your business process or make review requests part of an automated process such as email campaigns. You could add this step to your calendar before reaching out personally, or you can send pre-written emails with a link to your Google or Facebook review page to remind your client within a few days of closing a case. Include incentive programs to gather more referrals. Offer a gift card or a free e-book with valuable information.

Share and Track Testimonials

When clients leave positive feedback for you, share it on your law firm’s website and social media platforms. Good reviews lead to more good reviews.

Find an easy way to keep track of who is leaving reviews for you and who is referring new clients. Doing this will make it easier for you to thank the clients and professionals who are helping you grow your practice. You will also know who is referring the most clients to you so you can further develop your relationship with them.

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Professional Relationships

Clients aren’t the only people who can refer new clients to you. Cultivating relationships with other professionals, including other lawyers, is an excellent way to find new prospects. For example, financial advisors are a good referral source for elder law attorneys. Since these other professionals can be a good source of regular referrals, it is especially important to acknowledge and thank them for the new clients they send your way.

Getting Out There

Even though your family and friends know you are a lawyer, other people you regularly interact with may not know this. Find ways to let people know that you are a lawyer and the areas of law you practice. To get your name out to larger audiences, you can volunteer in your community, co-sponsor local events, and give presentations and workshops.

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Tying It All Together

After you provide excellent service to your clients:

  • Make it easy for them to give you good reviews and refer new clients to you.
  • Share the positive feedback you get and keep track of who is sending new clients to you.
  • Build a strong network of professionals whom you can exchange referrals with and make sure people in your community know about you and what you do.

If you need help with parts of this process, such as tracking and posting reviews and referrals, there are marketing agencies, such as Law As a Business (LAB), that specialize in all aspects of marketing and communications for law firms.

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