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Marketing Trends in 2020

Law firms are pivoting their marketing strategy to meet their client’s legal needs in the wake of COVID-19. It is no surprise the market has shifted as all businesses work to navigate the ever-changing coronavirus pandemic. Let’s see how Law Firm Marketing Trends in 2020 can help boost your business…

In the marketing world, the pandemic has led us to explore new avenues to reach our target audience and stay connected to their needs. This blog examines five marketing trends that law firms can utilize for their overall marketing strategy in 2020.

Optimized Your Website

Like any business, including law firms, your website may be your first chance to leave an impression on a potential client. If your website is not optimized or is out of date, visitors to your site may “bounce” – or leave, losing you the opportunity to connect with a new client. Your law firm can utilize a multitude of tactics to optimize your website. But today we will review two tactics that can be essential for reaching your audience in 2020.

Mobile-First Mindset

An ongoing trend for consumer connection is on a mobile device. One-third of people use their smartphone as a primary device to access the Internet. (Source: HubSpot) At any point in time, your potential clientele is going to be searching online for your business. If your website is not optimized to be viewed on other devices, like smartphones or tablets, this can result in a missed opportunity to connect with your target audience. A mobile first approach is definitely one of the Top Marketing Trends for 2020!

Local SEO

We have all heard about search engine optimization (SEO) and its role in your business. Still, local SEO can be vital to growing your presence over your local competition. Local SEO involves pushing your law firm to the top of the search results for your local area. Implementing geo-targeted keywords within your web content and creating your Google My Business page can lead to a more robust local search ranking for your law firm.

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Strong Social Media Strategy

Social media is an excellent tool for a law firm to leverage in their overall marketing strategy. For example, now more than ever, consumers connect on social platforms, and utilizing a social media strategy can humanize your business. Some social channels to consider as a law firm include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It’s one thing to have a social media presence for your firm, but it is critical to post content, both organic and paid, that resonate with your audience and your firm’s branding.

Organic Content

Organic content refers to social media activity created without a paid promotion. Implementing a consistent content strategy on social media with relevant content is the main component of your organic social growth.

Some organic content your law firm can consider utilizing are:

    • blog posts that educate a user on your practice areas,
    • updates on current laws,
    • posts about your firm,
    • and relevant local news.

Paid Content

The best way to ensure your law firm reaches your target audience on social media is to invest is paid content. Paid social refers to anything on social media that’s influenced by a dollar amount. In 2019, only 5% of business page followers on Facebook were exposed to the page’s posts (Source: Hootsuite). Facebook has changed its algorithm to make exposure a little more transparent, but the needle hasn’t moved much. Leveraging ad campaigns that are asset centered or include a video are great ways to generate new leads and build your overall target audience on social media. (learn more about by reading 5 Tips to Improve Your Law Firm’s Social Media).

Enhance Your Email Campaigns

In 2020, email marketing is a tool your law firm cannot afford to ignore. Email allows you to follow up with engaged contacts and stay in front of clients for future use of your services. There are several steps you can take to enhance your email campaigns.

  1. Build your database of existing and potential clients and create a consistent line of communication with regular newsletters.
  2. Personalize your emails! Ensure content is relevant to your contacts’ legal needs, like general law firm updates and blog content.
  3. Make sure to monitor your campaigns and follow up with anyone who reaches out or replies.

Drip Campaigns

Drip email campaigns are an effective technique for moving potential clients down the pipeline. Like water coming from a pipe (your pipeline), a drip campaign comprises a series of pre-written emails sent on a pre-selected schedule. Above all, a drip series is entirely automated. Meaning there is little effort required for your firm once the campaign is running.

Leverage Webinars and Video Content

Video and webinars are becoming very popular for law firms. Moreover, a video allows attorneys to be informative and personal with current clients, and potential clients watch videos when trying to decide if a law firm is the right fit for their legal needs. A video or webinar can be leveraged to create a personal connection and establish credibility with an audience. Not only does a video create a visual connection with your audience, but more importantly, it is also a method to stand out. If your firm uses video content and your competition doesn’t, your firm will stand out in the legal landscape as a trusted source for legal advice.

Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

Shift to Online/Remote Consultations

Our current pandemic has altered everyone’s ability to meet and connect in-person. Your law firm is working to build a relationship with clients. Shifting to this “new normal” standard may involve virtual interactions with your clients. Market your law firm as a safe, accessible legal service that offers online or remote consultation.

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