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law firm marketing 101: branding

How many marketing or branding classes did you take in law school?

Probably not many, but marketing is an essential part of growing a business. Branding is not optional. Whether you want it to be or not, your business is a brand.

In today’s world of constant content, your law firm’s brand impacts everything you do. Branding can change how your clients perceive your firm and can be a significant driver for new business.

Creating a brand identity for your law firm is an effective way to get your firm’s practice areas known within your community.

What is Branding?

Branding is the process of giving a company, organization, product, or service a recognizable identity. Branding can consist of a name, term, design, symbol, or any other visual features that your consumers can quickly identify as relating to your business.

Branding defines your law firm. Without it, you’re unable to differentiate yourself from every other law firm that offers similar services to your client base. Your branding sends a message to your potential clients about what your firm can offer, including what you do, how you do it and – most importantly – why you do it. Stand out from the crowd. Proper law firm branding is the first step you can take to create a powerful reputation for your practice.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is the principle of your message and tone. To develop brand identity, you need to have consistency with your message and visual content, like your logo, signage, website, etc. These elements will help establish an immediately recognizable brand. Brand identity will also help your law firm resonate with clientele, contributing to your brand awareness. In a sea of law firms, creating a brand identity with distinct messaging and tone can help your target audience identify your firm first as a business that can meet their legal needs.

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What is a Brand Image?

What are your firm’s mission, vision, and values? Determining these elements will help define your law firm’s brand image. Your law firm’s brand image is defined by how your audience perceives your business; your brand image is not the visual components of your brand (logo, colors, etc.). This perception of your firm can – and even should – evolve over the course of your company’s lifespan as your firm grows and changes. It represents why you offer the services provided and should resonate on an emotional level. Your brand image should help you stand out against your competition and help prospects and clients feel connected to your message.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness represents how familiar your law firm’s target audience is with your brand and how well they recognize it. Establishing strong brand awareness is valuable for your firm when marketing and promoting your legal services, especially in the early stages of your law firm. Your branding makes your firm look professional, which will build trust with your current clients, potential clients, and general target audience. If your law firm has a polished portrayal, people are more likely to seek your legal advice.

You want your law firm to thrive and understanding the importance of branding can lead your firm to long-term success. The core to making your brand successful is implementing strategic branding and making your brand your own by utilizing brand identity, brand image, and brand awareness to enhance your law firm.

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