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is it time to redesign your law firm's website

Redesigning a law firm’s website can reap many benefits, but it can be tricky to decide when to take the next step and revamp the website currently in place.

The decision to redesign your law firm’s website should not be determined by a set number of years. It should be determined by whether the current web design is serving your business needs.

Why Redesign Your Website?

The reasons for designing your law firm’s website can vary, depending on specific goals that have been set. For example, if you’ve changed your firm’s branding, a simple website makeover may be needed. Further, if you’ve overhauled your marketing strategy, then you might need to redesign your website with the functionality needed to reach your firm’s goals.

5 Reasons to Redesign Your Firm’s Website

There are a few key reasons that may signal a redesign for your website. The most common reasons for a website redesign include website rebranding, increasing web traffic, generating more leads, and adding more web functionality to enhance user experience on the website.

1. You Want to Rebrand

If your law firm has recently rebranded, then a website redesign should occur as well. A law firm website needs to have a consistent look and feel. Design inconsistencies — like color palette, fonts, button styles, icons, and more — on a website can confuse a visitor when understanding the business and the brand. If you’re looking to rebrand your law firm’s website, you’ll need website-building tools that you can use to achieve consistent branding.

2. You Want More Web Traffic

Optimizing a website for search is vital for driving traffic to the website. If the website is well-optimized, a law firm is more likely to show up on a search engine result, which is free website traffic. If the website is not organically driving traffic, then a website redesign that showcases more content on the website is needed. Featuring content like blogs and utilizing keywords on web pages are just a few examples of how you can drive more traffic to your law firm’s website.

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3. You Want to Convert Visitors to Leads

When you’re driving traffic to a website and want to convert visitor’s into leads, you need a website designed around a clear conversion strategy. Once a visitor lands on the website and learns about legal services offered, there should be a defined call to action that directs a visitor to engage further with the law firm. Sometimes that can be a downloadable asset that requires a visitor to give their contact information to download or a book a consultation button that allows a visitor to take the next step with your law firm.

4. You Want More Functionality

A law firm’s website needs to be easy to use and easy to navigate. Improving a website’s functions and how it looks is part of a website’s user experience (UX). The UX design of a website involves all elements that make up a site, including the layout, visuals, text, brand, sound, and interaction. As website traffic grows, you’ll likely need to add new functionality to the website to meet engaged users’ evolving expectations and needs.

5. You Want a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile optimized web design is a vital element for any law firm’s website. This design element is critical for user experience because potential clients are no longer just looking at law firm website’s on a desktop computer; they search for information on their phones. New clients who land on your website won’t bother to stay on the site if it doesn’t display correctly or isn’t easy to navigate on their device without a mobile-friendly web design.

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Let LAB Services Help Your Law Firm Redesign Your Website

If one or more of these reasons need to be addressed on your law firm’s website, it may be time for a website redesign. Law As a Business (LAB) can help build or redesign your website from beginning to end with functional web design solutions. We work with elder law and estate planning firms on all aspects of website development for their business.

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