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How Your Law Firm Can Host Effective Webinars

Today, many of us enjoy the convenience of online meetings and presentations. Since this is likely the case for many of your law firm’s existing and potential clients, webinars are an excellent way to connect with, educate, and attract new clients. Here are some tips on how to host effective webinars.

Choose Topics Your Audience Will Appreciate

To get people interested in attending your webinars, take the time to find topics they want to learn about. The more you know about your audience’s interests, the better you can tailor your webinar to them. Here are a few ways to learn about your audience’s preferences:

  1. Ask others in your firm what topics clients frequently ask about. You can also ask professionals outside your firm, such as financial planners, healthcare workers, and realtors, what topics come up most.
  2. Ask your existing and potential clients what they would like to know more about. Keep a list or a spreadsheet of who is interested in various topics.
  3. Find out what topics your competitors are doing presentations on and figure out if you can offer something similar but in a different or better way.
  4. Explore Google Analytics and find out what content people are interacting with most on your website. Which areas of your practice are people reading about and sharing with others?

If you can offer webinars that answer questions your audience members have and you can show them that you can help them with their legal needs, then you may be on your way to bringing in new clients.

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Targeted Promotion

To effectively promote your law firm’s webinar, you will want to target people who are most interested in the topic you will be presenting. Use Google Analytics to find out who has viewed and shared each page of your website. You can also refer to your list or spreadsheet of topics.

Make sure you keep potential attendees informed of the upcoming webinar and how they can join when the time comes. Start sending out promotional emails about four to six weeks in advance. You can also post about the webinar on your social media accounts.

Finding a Host for Your Webinar

Your webinars should be well presented as well as informative. Make sure whoever presents your webinar knows the material well and can present it with enthusiasm. Ensure the proper technology is in place for a stable internet connection to share computer screens and audio. If you are using a community or office location to air your webinar other than your own, find out what you will need to connect with and test their media systems, and have adequate lighting.

Interactive Elements

Too often, presentations in person and online are not much more than lectures and could use to be more innovative. Give your audience reasons to stay engaged with your webinar and sign up for future webinars. Incorporate interactive elements, such as images, video clips, poll questions, and a Q&A period.

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Post-webinar Follow-up

Don’t let too much time pass before you follow up with your webinar attendees. Send follow-up emails within a day or two of the webinar. Make the emails as personalized as possible and include a link to the recorded webinar so they can watch it again. You may also want to include additional related resources, such as blog posts and ebooks, in the follow-up emails.

In the weeks following your webinar, keep your audience informed of upcoming webinars and events. You can keep them engaged with educational content, surveys, and information regarding your services.

Help with Your Webinars

Planning, promoting, and executing outreach events, such as webinars, can be challenging when you are busy running a law firm. Partnering with a law-firm-oriented marketing and communications agency, such as Law As a Business, will allow you to focus on running your legal practice while ensuring your clients and prospective clients know what new events and services your firm is offering. Contact us today to learn how we can support your law firm.

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