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how webinars benefit your law firm

Networking with potential clients and referrals can be a challenge, especially now. Webinars offer an interactive opportunity that allows your firm to build its brand and authority, gain new leads, create marketing materials, and have a competitive advantage in the legal industry.

As a lawyer or law firm looking to expand your reach and stay current with your marketing efforts, delivering information online offers tremendous benefits.

Boost Your Brand Awareness

Your law firm’s robust marketing strategy is made up of many goals. Implementing webinars can help build brand awareness for your law firm. Building your brand awareness involves using a consistent marketing strategy to make a target audience aware of your law firm’s brand identity. Running regular webinars can help your audience have a consistent visual image of your firm’s brand and practice areas, resulting in consumer recognition, primarily when your audience seeks legal advice.

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Showcase Your Credibility and Expertise

The potential clients who have registered for your webinar are specifically looking for information that piques their interest. They are turning to your law firm as an expert thought leader on specific legal topics. Webinars keep your audience engaged with content relevant to their legal needs and offers an opportunity for asking questions and receiving real-time feedback. Webinar attendees are looking to gain value from your webinar presentation and by meeting their expectations, you will in turn gain credibility in the law firm industry.

Increase New Leadswebinar on laptop

Webinars grow your brand by instantly opening the door for your firm to have a conversation that reaches more people at once. As a business, you are always looking for new clients to grow your business. It is a common webinar practice to require registration to attend. These leads are opting to learn more about a topic and your firm. A webinar gives you the chance to capture new lead’s information and foster a relationship. After a webinar, you can then follow up with attendees via a promotional email campaign or direct contact, leading to attendees turning into your clients.

Repurpose into More Marketing Material

Your firm’s webinar can serve as marketing material that can be repurposed into new variations of thought leadership and business development content pieces. Webinars are more than a one-time event; they can be used as video content to promote your practice areas on social media. Your firm can also use the recording as a lead generation magnet on your website. There are many ways you can repurpose your webinar content. Some examples are using your videos to create a YouTube page, use the audio to create a podcast, or upload your slides to SlideShare or other educational platforms. Strategically reusing and repurposing your webinar recording will build your brand awareness and reinforce your authority in the industry.

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Gain a Competitive Edge

Webinars have the power to increase the exposure of your practice. Offering webinars to your target audience showcases a high level of customer service. The legal landscape and the law can be complex and competitive. Helping potential clients learn more about a particular topic is valuable and appreciated. Educational offerings give you a significant competitive edge and create an overall positive impact for your law firm.

At Law As a Business (LAB) Services, we can help your firm with creating webinars. We work with elder law and estate planning firms on all aspects of marketing, including your law firm’s webinar efforts from start to finish.

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