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How to Reach the Right Audience in Need of Elder Law

Everyday thousands of Americans reach retirement age. This staggering number of elderly Americans need attorneys on their side to help them better prepare for their future and beyond.

Elder law is an attractive practice area for many attorneys who are passionate about helping others, especially the elderly who face unique challenges. But despite the growing number of people reaching their golden years of life, many new or transitioning elder law attorneys still struggle to attract clients. There are many strategic ways to attract and retain elder law clients at your disposal. But to succeed, you’ll need to Reach the Right Audience in Need of Elder Law. Read on to find out how…

How to Reach the Right Audience – SPEAK TO THEM!

A key element to attracting and retaining your audience of elder law is to be relatable. Speak the same language as the clients that need your services. Instead of using legal jargon use language that speaks directly to your potential clients. Addressing your audience in terms and examples that they can relate to makes your firm a reliable resource for possible clients.

Building relationships with a professional network is also key to growing your business. By making a name for yourself in your community, you can gain referrals from other professionals with which you’ve aligned yourself, including fellow attorneys, CPAs, or insurance agents. These are the businesses who are most likely to come into contact with people in your community that need your services.”

For example, during a lead generating webinar start off with an engaging story about one of your own loved ones used elder law to their benefit. The element of story can also be weaved into other aspects that connects the important points of elder law to your audience’s personal circumstance.

It’s important to recognize how legal situations, like the ones addressed by elder law services, are perceived by clients. Compassionate communication and clear navigation in this sensitive area of law is key to the best professional outcome, as well as, the potential for client retention.

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Boost Online Presence with Blog Posting

Strong marketing tactics give you an edge if the field of elder law is dense in your geographic area. Effective marketing can differntiate your services from other attorneys and impact the growth of your practice and revenue. Reach your audience with the right tactics such as blogging, advertising, digital marketing, and webinars depending on your firms marketing needs.

Boost Online Presence with Blog Posting

One tactic that boosts your online presence is blog posting. Blogging can increase your ranking during an online search for a specific topic. Every blog post added to your law firm’s website is one more catalogued page on your website, aka one more opportunity for your site to show up in a web search and, in turn, driving traffic back to your website. Growing your online visibility helps support your business growth and can convert online search traffic into new leads.

Advance Your Digital Advertising Footprint

Digital advertising can elevate your business and open a digital doorway to reach your audience. Creating an advertising strategy within the law practice industry is tedious. But with the right tools digital advertising can be a successful investment. Advertising has shifted to a digital landscape and, as a result, many other traditional advertising strategies now falling short.

Leverage your firm’s digital presence using Google Ads, paid social advertising, and other forms of digital advertising. This can increase your lead generation. Build a digital strategy that pinpoints an audience searching for elder law services. Be specific in your messaging. Speak directly to their unique needs. For example, you can place an ad on how to fill out a Medicaid application. A firm that creates a strong digital strategy can cast a larger net on potential clients that are looking for specific legal service offerings.

Educate Your Market with Webinars

How to Reach the Right Audience in Need of Elder Law

Webinars are an innovating way to showcase your expertise in specific practice areas. Webinars also create a personal connection that shows you care about the needs of your current and future client community. Some aspects of law are confusing for those who aren’t practicing law; a webinar is a great way to help your audience understand different practice areas. Also, this is an opportunity to amplify the high-level of service and expertise you can offer clients. Essentially, webinars create content relevant to your potential audience. For example, if your webinar is on the difference between Medicaid and Medicare this could become a lead for a client interested in elder law. Webinars are an opportunity to grow your leads and connect with clients on topics that hold interest to their law needs.

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Build a relationship with clients and set yourself apart with high-level services to help quickly earn their trust and confidence – leading to referrals. If you ensure the satisfaction of your clients you will create a ripple effect within their communities. Your clients will have friends and family undergo similar issues which call for estate planning and other elder care services.

Another key piece of a referral system is your professional network. Discover the value of building upon your legal community and network to reach the right clients for your elder law business. Make a name for yourself within your network and strive to be the best at your profession. This type of effort is a fast way to attract clients through referrals from other professionals, including other attorneys, CPAs, or insurance agents.

As a law firm, there are many options to consider when reaching future clients with new areas of practice. It is key to stand out in the market as new elder law practices are emerging every day. That being said, it is vital to research and strategize the best marketing methods that fit your business needs to best attract the right audience for your firm.

Law As a Business (LAB) Services can play a major role in building your business and guide you with the best marketing strategy to reach your desired audience. Contact us and let’s review your business needs and discuss how LAB Services can help you achieve your goals. Thanks for reading “How to Reach the Right Audience”!

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The Internet offers a platform to market to your prospects in a less obtrusive way, by meeting them where they are. With more and more people using the Internet to research topics of interest, attorneys can use their knowledge base to inform and educate those who are seeking information. All of these digital marketing strategies work hand in hand to help you grow and nurture your contacts and referral sources.