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How to Reach Clients When You Can't Meet in Person

Today, businesses large and small face the possibility of dwindling sales and new operational hurdles. Businesses, including law firms, are shifting gears in their client communication efforts in the wake of coronavirus to meet their clients’ new legal – and lifestyle – needs.

Pivoting is necessary for businesses during this pandemic, and creating innovative opportunities that adapt to the new normal is key for all law firms. Not every business model can withstand social distancing orders, but by identifying gaps and creatively adjusting procedures, a business can push ahead, even law firms.

Here are four opportunities your law firm can leverage to reach clients when in-person meetings are not possible.

1. Evaluate Your Marketing and Client Communication Efforts

During this crisis, changes must happen. The first step for any business is to take a hard look at your marketing and communication efforts and identify what can work and what needs to change during this pandemic.

For example, if your law firm’s marketing mix includes an advertisement in a local event bulletin, this marketing effort may need to be paused. Another big shift law firms are making is with their client communications and moving toward virtual communication options.

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2. Be a Resource for Clients

Current clients and potential clients are also looking for legal resources, especially online, during this time. Taking advantage of helpful legal content on your website and social pages creates an opportunity for your clients and future clients to see your law firm as a credible source for their legal needs. Some examples of content you can create are blog posts, videos, and downloadable resources on your website.

3. The Shift from Seminars to Webinars

Many law firms used seminars as an opportunity to both educate their community and generate new leads. Currently, social distancing requirements remove seminars as a method for law firms to reach new clients. These measures have led to many law firms presenting webinars online to capture new leads, which has been especially helpful when so many new legal questions and concerns have risen.

Law firms have an opportunity to promote webinars through email marketing, social advertising, or promotion on their website. Many tools are available for creating this type of video, including GoToWebinar, Zoom, Facebook Live, or other video platforms.

When shifting from seminars to webinars, it is essential to consider which target audience you are planning to reach with your law firm’s content. Your webinar strategy can dictate which video platform your business utilizes and how your firm promotes the content to your target audience.

4. Offer Remote Communications

The most significant pivot law firms are making during the pandemic is offering remote consultations and client communications. Since meeting in-person is not an option but your clients and prospects still need legal services, investing in remote communication is vital to staying connected.

Since virtual communication is becoming more common, there are some great tools that businesses, including law firms, can utilize in virtually communicating with their clientele. Some great remote communication options include Zoom, Skype for Business, Google Meet, and many other options. Most of these video platforms allow your client to click a link to join the virtual call, creating a seamless communication line to build and maintain client relationships.

These are unprecedented times and, because no one is certain of what will happen next, law firms and all other businesses need to be prepared to pivot again. Taking the necessary steps to shift your business strategy can set your firm up for potential success. Trust that your firm is not alone in this and everyone is figuring out a new way to reach their client’s legal needs.

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