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A law firm’s clients represent the success of a business. The more your firm can satisfy clients and their needs, the more willing they are to promote your business or become a returning client. Your law firm should always be pushing to grow your clientele and attract new leads. The ability to understand your client, sell your services, and satisfy the customer’s needs should be a significant focal point of your law firm.

Your ideal client is someone who gets their exact needs met by what your law firm offers. How do you find your ideal clients? These four steps are a great roadmap your law firm can utilize to identify, reach, and engage with your model client.

1. How Does a Client View Your Business?

The first step to help your firm identify your target client is to understand your law firm from their point of view. Think about the services you offer to your potential client. Understand where your law firm stands in the eyes of the clients by answering these questions:

  • What do your services do for your ideal customers?
  • What problems do your services solve for your clients?
  • How are you servicing your client?
  • How do your firm’s services satisfy your client overall?

If you can determine your law firm’s services from a client’s perspective, this insight can help lead your firm to your client.

2. Understand Your Ideal Client Personaideal client persona

Understanding your client is a vital step for reaching them with your law services. Many factors determine your target audience. Once your law firm has identified your audience’s key demographics and behaviors, your firm can build a customer persona.

This process can involve answering essential questions covering everything from fundamental geographic to demographic information that influence your client’s buying decisions. Building a persona requires researching as much as you can about your ideal client. The more your law firm knows, the more powerful and accurate you’ll be with your marketing efforts.

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3. Identify How Your Services Meet the Needs of Clients

Your law firm’s services benefit your clients, and your firm needs to identify how you’re meeting clients’ needs. This is a value exchange; your customers exchange their payment for the benefits of your legal services. You cannot market to consumers without understanding how your legal services meet their needs. You can discover how your services meet clients’ needs by asking for reviews or putting out a survey to previous clients. Once this is established, your law firm can leverage the ways your business can meet client’s needs with your legal services. Identifying and meeting customer needs should be a focal point of your law firm to build a strong customer base.

4. Engage with Potential Clients

Meet your firm’s ideal client where they’re at and start engaging with them. Fortunately, one thing all your clients have in common is they’re all online.

There are many ways to engage with potential clients online, from creating blog content that educates to investing in paid advertising methods. Online advertising is the most efficient way to connect with your clients. Utilizing Google ads or a Facebook campaign, your law firm can generate leads that meet the criteria of your ideal target audience.

Identifying your ideal client can seem overwhelming; however, it’s a vital step for growing and improving your law firm. If your law firm is looking to identify and better engage with your clients, Law as a Business (LAB) Services can help. We partner with elder law and estate planning firms on all aspects of marketing for your business.

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