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how to develop a winning digital marketing strategy in 4 steps

More and more consumers rely on the Internet for information. For a law firm, digital marketing is necessary to capture your target audience in today’s digital world.

To succeed in the competitive law industry and take your business to the next level, your law firm should invest in these digital marketing strategies.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing strategies help your law firm achieve specific digital goals through strategically selected online marketing channels such as paid, earned, and owned media. Your law firm’s digital marketing strategy should involve performing consistent digital actions at the right time and using the right digital channels to increase your revenue and to improve your relationship with your target audience.

Why Should You Have a Marketing Strategy?

Developing a well-designed digital marketing strategy for your firm provides you with some immediate perks. From the start, it provides your law firm with a degree of protection. Properly planned actions can ensure that your firm’s brand is spending its resources wisely.

It’s a common fear of many businesses to waste time and money on a marketing campaign.. Unfortunately, this fear can become a reality if your business lacks critical information about your marketing goals and decision-making process.

When your law firm develops a digital marketing strategy, you’re able to test and verify specific marketing data points that can lead to success. Establishing a clear digital marketing strategy for your law firm lets you test your marketing assumptions, which is especially useful when you’re targeting a specific audience.

Your firm’s digital marketing strategy helps you build a foundation for continued marketing growth. Without a set strategy, it can be impossible to know what exactly went wrong if your marketing campaign underperformed.

4 Steps to Begin Your Firm’s Digital Marketing Strategy

If your law firm has never created a digital marketing strategy, the process can feel a bit intimidating. Your firm can use a variety of potential metrics and techniques to build your digital marketing strategy, but these four steps are vital to establishing a robust digital marketing foundation.

1. Understand Your Audience

Your law firm needs to take a deep dive into researching and understanding the audience you want to reach before developing your digital marketing strategy. Your target audience is defined by specific data points, including gender, age, education, purchasing power, location, and other demographic details.

Once your firm has clearly defined your target audience, consider how your ideal customer spends their time in the digital media landscape. Understanding this type of information can give your firm insights into what digital marketing campaigns will most effectively connect with your audience.

Gain New Clients Through Digital Marketing 

2. Set Your Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Setting goals for your law firm’s digital marketing efforts is essential. Your goals and KPIs ensure that your digital marketing strategy is easily monitored and updated.

An example of a goal would be improving your law firm’s conversion rate by 5% over the next six months by increasing social media marketing and newsletters. Suppose your firm doesn’t meet the goal; data showcases which marketing components are not working and must be adjusted. If your firm establishes measurable goals, identifies KPIs that influence your firm, and sets goals that make long-term marketing efforts then your firm is on the right path for a strong digital marketing strategy.

3. Create Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A significant part of creating your digital marketing strategy is deciding which digital marketing channels are right for your law firm. It’s a digital marketing best practice to begin with small, hyper-focused digital campaigns because your firm can then track how effective a chosen channel is without spending your entire marketing budget.

Your law firm doesn’t need a massive marketing budget to connect with potential clients. Your firm only needs to create marketing content that educates and serves a need of your audience on digital channels they frequent. Over time, your law firm will collect enough data points that can be used to leverage successful digital marketing campaigns.

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4. Audit and Plan for Improvement

Long-term growth is something all businesses seek but tend to struggle with over time. When your firm collects data points from digital campaigns, it’s vital to use those insights to improve your marketing efforts continually.

Your law firm should understand your marketing problems, understand your audience, collect valuable data, and analyze this data. If your law firm can do all these items, your digital marketing strategy is on the road to sustainable growth.

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