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How to Create Viral Posts on LinkedIn

With over 900 million registered members spread around the globe, LinkedIn is a good place for your law firm to be active. Like other social media platforms, having a post go viral on LinkedIn increases traffic to your law firm’s profile and builds brand awareness.

Posts don’t go viral on LinkedIn often, but it does happen. Viral posts are usually caused by a culmination of factors, including:

  • Having a content strategy
  • Posting regularly
  • Posting value-added content
  • Posting content that inspires readers to share it
  • Being engaged on the platform
  • Having a bit of luck

Whether your posts go viral is not as important as being an active user on the platform and leveraging its potential to attract an interested audience and interact with them in a meaningful way. There are many ways to create effective posts for your law firm’s LinkedIn profile.

It’s Not About Going Viral

As contradictory as it sounds, creating LinkedIn posts with viral potential isn’t about creating posts with the intention of going viral. Focus on creating posts relevant to your legal practice that will be useful for your intended audience.

Posting consistently is also important. Don’t upload a bunch of posts one month, then nothing over the next two months. Posting something every three to four weeks regularly is more effective. To supplement your own material, you can share other LinkedIn posts that you think will be of interest to your audience.

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Make Your Post Easy to Read

Our lives are flooded with content these days. Attract attention to your posts by using photos or illustrations and writing short paragraphs. Draw your readers in with the first couple of sentences and give them a reason to continue reading. Remember that legal jargon is confusing to most people. Be sure to explain specific terms or use more familiar language.

More than anything else, emotion compels people to act. For this reason, storytelling is more effective than regurgitating facts and figures. Share stories that tie in with the areas of law you practice. This may be more challenging in the legal field, where confidentiality is crucial, but it is possible. You can create hypothetical situations to tell a meaningful story.

Engage with Your Audience

Social media platforms want users to engage with their audiences. People who relate to your content and message will share posts with others in their network. This increases the chance that more people will view your posts.

Respond to each comment and question you receive about your post soon after it has been posted. Not only do the LinkedIn algorithms value this activity, but your audience learns that you are approachable and want to help or educate. People like to do business with professionals they can count on to respond promptly to their inquiries.

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Building Brand Awareness on LinkedIn

You have a better chance of creating LinkedIn posts that go viral by sharing stories and educational material that builds meaningful relationships. Doing this will organically develop an awareness of your brand and attract more potential clients to your law firm’s LinkedIn profile. People will associate your firm name and logo with valuable information and ideas. They’ll think of you when they need legal help and know how to find you.

Getting Help with Social Media

Creating compelling content and posting it can take time away from legal work. Hiring a law firm-focused marketing and consulting firm, such as Law As a Business (LAB), to help you with your social media platforms will enable you to build a successful practice while allowing you to focus on your legal work. At LAB, we help attorneys run profitable law firms through creative solutions. Contact us today to learn how we can help your law firm set itself apart from the competition.

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