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how seo can help your law firm

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a valuable marketing tactic for any business, including your law firm. Potential clients are always going online to find answers to their questions.

The fact is that when people search for legal services over the Internet, they are more likely to trust a firm that appears on the first page of their search results. Strong SEO allows for your business to become more visible online, promote your website, show trust and credibility, and have the edge over your competition.

Promote a User-Friendly Website

SEO allows for your website to be more user-friendly. Today, SEO is more than just optimizing to be found on search engines. SEO is about improving your website visitor’s experience.

An uncluttered, clean, and well-structured website can compel a web visitor to stay longer.  This helps decreases your bounce rate and increases page views. Also, relevant content, like blogs, keeps your visitors engaged as they are more likely to discover answers to their questions. Your content can help a user find exactly what they are looking for on your firm’s website.

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Boosts Your Firm’s Visibilitymagnifying glass

Since your potential clients turn to the Internet to research topics and their needs, your SEO efforts help improve your visibility. Law firms that are optimized can appear first in a search result and are more likely to be contacted. When your firm utilizes the right keywords, your business can appear at the top of a search result. For example, if your law firm focuses on special needs planning you can rank for keywords that emphasize that legal service.

Furthermore, local SEO can improve your visibility on a local level. You can improve your firm’s local SEO by utilizing your keyword strategy location and by registering your business on Google or other similar online business listing pages. Optimizing allows search engines to pick up your firm’s geo-location to show up in a local area’s search results.

Showcases Your Credibility

As mentioned before, businesses that appear at the top of a search result are more likely to be trusted. SEO activities, such as link building and guest posting, can improve your law firm’s credibility as well. The more relevant and reputable the sources for your links and guest posts are the more credibility your firm gains in return. These strategic activities help position your firm as a trustworthy source and a thought leader in the law industry.

Your SEO efforts showcase to your audience that you can help problem-solve or provide valuable information to educate them on specific law topics by providing your visitors with insightful content and articles. Credibility doesn’t happen overnight, building trust takes time, and the right strategy can help foster a good reputation and higher ranking.

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Have a Competitive Edge

The legal industry is highly competitive, especially when smaller firms are competing with larger companies. However, larger legal firms often think their reputation will be enough to gain new clients. The larger firms don’t usually rely on marketing strategies like SEO that gives them an edge over the others. SEO for a smaller firm can make you more competitive and help outshine other firms.

The right SEO strategy can leverage your firm as more reliable and a thought leader in the legal field. A strategy that makes your firm easy to find online with robust information will give your practice a competitive advantage with potential clients seeking a firm to meet their legal needs. You won’t have to worry about investing too heavily in marketing efforts to stay relevant because SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy.

If you’re ready to utilize an SEO strategy for your law firm, Law As a Business (LAB) Services can help. We work with  elder law and estate planning firms on all aspects of SEO, from web design to content strategy.


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