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Starting a new law practice can be intimidating. One significant hurdle to overcome is outshining the competition. New attorneys often wonder how they can set themselves apart from more seasoned attorneys. It goes without saying that most people will gravitate towards an attorney who has more experience when looking for someone to handle their legal matters. However, experience practicing law is not the only factor potential clients may consider.

In today’s increasingly digital world, having a strong digital footprint is essential for attracting new clients. This is an area where new attorneys can outshine more seasoned competitors. Many established attorneys are content with their practice as it is. They don’t put a lot of time or effort into marketing or increasing their online visibility, which would require an attractive website, social media sites, or digital and print materials for presentations. However, new attorneys are compelled to market their budding practices and generally have more time to do it. Here are some ways to increase your credibility and set your practice apart from other attorneys in your field.

3 Key Strategies for Marketing a New Practice Area 

Client Testimonials

You likely rely on customer reviews and testimonials when shopping for products and services, and so do prospective clients when looking for the right attorney. Make sure you have about a dozen positive testimonials on a dedicated webpage. If you have clients who are well known in their industry or community, put their testimonials near the top of the list.

When asking your clients to write testimonials or reviews for you, ask them to touch on valuable qualities you offer, including responsiveness, friendly service, value, price, and results. You can select especially good sentences from your clients’ testimonials and quote them throughout your website or scroll through them on the home page.


In order to show up near the top of a prospective client’s search, you need your website to have fresh content. A good way to do this is to add a blog page to your website and post articles on a regular basis. Start by doing thorough research in your practice areas so that you will be able to convey your knowledge accurately. Also, research who your prospective clients are and write in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. They will appreciate the time you take to explain complex topics that share your expertise in practice areas.

Remember, Google favors websites with the latest designs that load quickly, are easy to navigate on multiple devices, and contain high-quality content in a variety of media posted regularly. Making your blog posts engaging and informative will encourage prospective clients to read more about you and your law practice. A well-branded site allows you to use design aspects to create other useful tools like eBooks, email and newsletter copy, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, and business cards. You will be top of mind when they need you.

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Great Photos

When we are looking to start a relationship with a company, we want to see who works at the company and the type of people that represent them. To project a more personable image to prospective clients, make sure your website has high-quality headshots of you and your staff members. Hire a professional photographer to take the photos and include a more casual image of everyone in the workplace to make sure your personalities are conveyed. You’ll want to appear professional but approachable to encourage long-term relationship building.

Along with the photos of you and your staff members, you should include brief bios that describe each member’s role in your firm, as well as something that makes each of you unique. Since you are the attorney, your bio should be longer and more descriptive but not longwinded. Don’t overemphasize education, and be sure to spotlight community engagement. Talk about why you became an attorney and your firm’s mission.

Prospective clients want to hire an attorney who is smart, resourceful, and committed to their practice. Discuss personal achievements, previous jobs, and life experiences that have helped make you the successful attorney you are today. Some topics to consider are other degrees that strengthen your knowledge in a particular area, military service, athletic achievements, or coming from a family of other attorneys.

If your office is in a nice building that shows that you are well established, consider featuring photos of your office building on your website. This may also help clients find your office, particularly in a location that is hard to find, such as a busy downtown area. Accent your best features—a modern office with an organized space to collaborate or a cozy and friendly environment for enlightening conversation. Attract clients who appreciate your personality and style for effective consultations.

These strategies and others can help increase traffic to your website and set your new practice apart from more seasoned competitors. You can leverage these strategies yourself or hire a law-firm-oriented marketing agency, such as Law As a Business (LAB), to do it for you.

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