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How a Marketing Strategy Generates New Clients

Whether your law firm has been established for generations or you are just starting your firm, acquiring new clients and retaining their loyalty is vital. Word of mouth is a good starting point for any business, but companies tend to seek marketing strategies to reach more of their target audience. Generating new leads is essential for any business transaction, and implementing a strong marketing strategy can help your law firm achieve the goal of reaching new clients.

Build a Stream of Quality Leads

The main objective of many marketing strategies begins with lead generation – the ability to identify and attract potential clients seeking your law services. Without the flow of clients and regular action to generate new leads, a business’s revenue stream can quickly dissolve. Creating a surge of new leads requires your law firm to determine a target audience that is fitting for your business goals. For example, if your law firm practices elder law, you are most likely targeting older men and women in their 60s that would benefit from elder law services.

In today’s digital world, social media is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for lead generation. Paid social campaigns are a fast-growing method of generating leads on both Facebook and LinkedIn. Leveraging a social media marketing strategy for your business is one method to effectively make new leads and build a robust database to potentially transition into future clients.

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Transition Leads into Clients

The second objective of your marketing strategy is converting your prospective leads into paying clients. Your firm’s marketing strategy is supporting the sale of your services to the clientele. Some tactics to convert a lead into a client include offering consultations for the potential client to learn more about how your law firm can meet their legal needs.

One opportunity to foster a lead into the next phase is to send out an email that offers educational information or encourages a consultation. Crafting an email campaign can nurture a relationship with a lead, especially if the prospective client is on the fence or considering competing legal service options. Creating a stream of communication through an email campaign can also weed out the leads that may not be fully committed to taking the next steps with your law firm.

Foster Client Relationships

The third objective in your marketing strategy is the grow your client relationship. Client retention can be a massive benefit for any business. Your marketing strategy is working to keep up with your clients’ wants and needs to ensure your law firm is top of mind when your client seeks legal advice.

A tactic to consider when fostering your client relationship is to implement content that your clients can use as a legal resource. Content can be a driving force for a client to perceive your law firm as a credible outlet for their legal needs. For example, posting blogs or updating your clients with monthly newsletters gives you an authority in the legal landscape and reminds your clients you are here for any legal assistance they may need.

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Law As a Business (LAB) will work with your firm to build a marketing strategy that converts new leads into long-lasting client relationships. We work with elder law and estate planning law firms on all aspects of marketing to help them reach their business goals. Contact us and let’s chat about how we can support your firm’s goals this year.

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