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how to host a webinar to gain new leads

There are many tactics that businesses use to generate new leads in today’s dynamic digital world. A robust marketing strategy is key to fostering a business. Webinars can play a vital role in taking your firm to the next level.

Webinars allow your business to educate a new lead on your expertise and establishes your firm as a thought leader in your field. Webinars are not a challenging event to execute for any business size. The key to a successful webinar starts with strategic planning so a business can optimize their webinar success overtime. Webinars are great for generating demand and fostering leads without being too intrusive to prospective clients. You’re providing an audience with valuable information, not to mention increasing brand awareness, and because of this, your law firm can nurture a webinar lead into becoming your next client. Read on for some tips that can help your law firm gain new leads through the power of webinars.

Research Your Target Audience for the Webinar Topic

This step may seem like an obvious one, but it is critical to optimizing your webinar lead conversions. To generate valuable leads, it is vital to market your webinar to the right audience. Understanding your target market and what problems your law firm can help them solve is an essential point to research when creating a webinar’s subject matter. Suppose you are completely uncertain about what your target audience is wanting. In that case, you can conduct a pre-webinar survey to discover the needs of your existing customers, email subscribers, or social media followers.

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Create Impactful Webinar Content

While a webinar has the power to generate brand awareness for your law firm, your business shouldn’t host one just for the sake of it. If your business wants to increase leads with webinars, make sure your firm delivers the right content. Address a topic that offers actionable takeaways for your audience. Use visual aids, short videos, and engaging charts to make your webinar more appealing. Another option to keep attendees engaged is through pop-up questions at the end of a segment. Also, allowing for a Q&A session following your presentation can be a great way to engage and gain audience insights. Many webinar software have specialized tools to enhance your audience’s webinar experience. Depending on what your target audience is seeking, utilizing specific tools to make your webinar more engaging can leave to your audience wanting more from your business.

Strategically Promote Your Webinarmicrophone

Generating new leads sometimes requires your business to promote to a new audience. Implementing promotional tactics with social media, email marketing, and paid advertising can help your firm broaden your reach to a new audience. Creating a strategic plan that reaches your audience on multiple channels can help boost your law firm’s webinar’s attendance. And finally, implementing creative promotional optimization techniques can help your firm reach much bigger audience for your webinar.

Re-Target and Follow-up with Leads Post Webinar

A webinar’s success is determined not just by the attendance rate but also by the number of leads generated. This is why a post-webinar follow up for all leads–not just attendees–is vital to converting a lead into a new client. There are many tactics to consider when creating a post-webinar promotion. A great option is an email campaign to the leads you have generated. Your firm can offer an on-demand or replay option in an email or offer a free consultation to attendees or leads that registered for your webinar. You can also use an email campaign to receive feedback about your webinar or gain insights on topics for future webinars.

Webinars have proven repeatedly to generate new leads, but only with strategic execution. At Law as a Business (LAB), we can help your law firm reach its highest potential with webinars and other marketing services. If your firm is looking to take your webinar strategy to the next level, we can help.

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