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Gain Leads with Webinar Strategy

In today’s new normal, connecting in person may not be a viable option for many businesses. This shift has led to businesses, including law firms, getting creative when connecting with new and potential clients. Webinars are a useful marketing tool to connect with a larger audience online and improve your law firm’s lead generation strategy.

What is Webinar Marketing?

The term “webinar” derives from the words “web seminar.” Webinar marketing utilizes an online seminar to connect with a broad audience on a specific topic and promote your business. Webinars consist of a presentation on a topic followed by a Q&A session. The visual nature of a webinar can help a presenter easily connect participants with information they need. For law firms, some practice areas can be daunting and confusing, so the visual aid of a webinar can help people more easily understand legal information.

Webinars are a lead generation tool that can help convert participants into new clients. Compared to other forms of lead magnets, webinars have the potential to more information and stronger leads than a downloadable asset like a checklist or e-book. Webinar marketing is an excellent addition to any law firm’s marketing strategy, with many growth opportunities.

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The Benefits of Webinars for Your Business

Law firms that utilize webinars see many benefits beyond just generating new leads. Some of these benefits include expanding your reach, driving engagement, and becoming thought leader on a specific topic.

Webinars have the potential to expand your law firm’s reach because a webinar can be viewed anywhere. If a prospective client has an Internet connection and an interest in your topic, they can tune into your law firm’s webinar from anywhere – including statewide or even across state lines if you service multiple states.

webinarWebinars also have the power to drive more engagement with your business. Webinars offer many attractive features like Q&A sessions, chat rooms, polls, and immediate audience feedback. These exciting features allow your audience to interact with your law firm and better understand your business and how your legal services may fit their specific needs.

Finally, a webinar allows your law firm to present yourselves as an authoritative voice on a legal topic and show a future client that your firm understands the practice area enough to represent them if they are seeking legal advice. Also, a webinar can be repurposed for your firm’s content marketing efforts. A webinar can be used in blog posts and shifted into a shortened format with a call to action that invites a viewer to a signup page to view the full recording. The webinar benefits can be huge for a firm’s marketing strategy if leveraged correctly.

60% of webinars are designed to move people through the entire customer lifecycle – from unaware prospect to loyal customer.

Source: GoToWebinar

Convert Your Webinar Audience into Future Clients

webinar follow up

Presenting a webinar is the first step in creating a relationship with your audience; the next step is converting your attending audience into your firm’s next clientele. A webinar allows your firm to capture new emails and/or phone numbers from participates. This information can be utilized for follow up marketing outreach.

For example, suppose your law firm presented a webinar about estate planning. In that case, your firm has the opportunity to send attendees of the webinar a nurturing email campaign that can encourage the attendees to schedule a consultation. You can also allow them to access the webinar recording and other estate planning resources offered by your law firm.

When moving a new lead into the marketing pipeline, timing is everything. Following up on a webinar with an email series can grow the relationship with your webinar audience. Continuing the conversation can turn an audience member into a client with the right marketing plan in place.

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