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Finding Success With Law As a Business – Kevin Camden

Kevin P. Camden is the owner of Camden Law Office in Downers Grove, Illinois. His diverse background in estate planning, elder law, business law, and real estate law makes him a valuable legal resource to people living in the Chicagoland area. 

Hear his journey firsthand by watching this video (or keep reading for the highlights).


Although Kevin has been a licensed attorney for 25 years, he only started expanding into elder law in the last 3-4 years. It was a natural addition to his firm that he decided to pursue after noticing the need for these services in the baby-boom generation. The addition of elder law has enabled his firm to find new ways to help and support aging members of their community. It was shortly after deciding to add elder law to his firm that Kevin started exploring the idea of Camden Law Office, LLC improving his firm’s marketing efforts—specifically his firm’s digital marketing strategy.

Prior to the 2020 pandemic, Kevin’s firm had success marketing through local print ads and obtained referrals through networking groups. When COVID-19 started shutting things down, it took away the opportunity to connect with potential clients in person. Kevin knew it was time to get serious about digital marketing and decided redesigning his law firm’s website was the best place to start.

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After discussing the project with different businesses, Kevin chose to hire Law As a Business (LAB) by ElderCounsel to build the new website. He was impressed with the team’s experience in building websites for attorneys and found other marketing agencies did not have the industry knowledge to support his needs. With a new website built, LAB was able to present Kevin with additional digital marketing services designed to drive traffic to the new site, build trust with his audience, and secure new prospects for the firm.

After the successful launch of his new website, Kevin wanted to keep improving his digital footprint and asked LAB to help manage Camden Law’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Kevin described LAB as a natural fit. He understood the need to continuously share new and relevant content with his audience, but content management and social media were never a passion of his. Focusing on clients would always be more important to him. This is where LAB was able to step in and start creating and sharing content on behalf of Kevin’s firm, taking the weight of social media off of his shoulders.

Kevin continued using LAB for additional marketing services including managing the firm’s blog, designing ebooks, and helping create email campaigns to promote services to his community. With each new service, Camden Law was seeing a positive return with increased brand awareness and new clients. One of their best investments, however, was search engine optimization (SEO)

Local SEO ensures your business gets discovered on search engines by people searching in their local area and is essential for small law firms. “LAB has been very good at optimizing SEO for a very reasonable amount on a monthly budget,” said Kevin. “We’ve seen a significant number of clients come in solely based on where we are at geographically.” Camden Law’s website now ranks number one for a variety of keyword searches on Google including estate planning law firm, estate planning, and will and trust attorney. This gives the firm an edge over its competition simply because they are the first website a prospect sees. Organic traffic to the website has also increased by 30.69% in the last six months.

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In a more recent project, LAB also helped Camden Law create and manage a campaign designed to inform the community about estate planning and probate. The goal of the campaign was to improve people’s understanding of why estate planning is important and dispel myths about who needs an estate plan. This was fueled by the positive feedback Kevin has received regarding their digital marketing presence. “I often am contacted by clients, friends, family, and prospective clients about what we have on social media,” said Kevin, “They find it tremendously helpful.” 

With help from the LAB team, Camden Law has been able to regularly share blog articles and ebooks on social media to help support this mission of informing the public and answering their questions about estate planning. These resources are linked to both the firm’s website and unique landing pages designed by LAB that help track campaign success and obtain contact information from prospects. As a result, they’ve become a trusted resource for estate planning in their community.

Like many other attorneys, Kevin wants to dedicate his time to helping his clients, not marketing. After partnering with Law As a Business, he realized he doesn’t need to become a professional marketer to keep up with the competition. He can stick to what he does best—being a lawyer—and outsource the rest. Every law firm can benefit from digital marketing. If your law firm is in need of a new optimized website, someone to manage your social media accounts, or other marketing support, our team can help. Contact us today to schedule a call with a member of our team.