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Finding Success With Law As a Business - Ed Lee

Edwin (Ed) Lee manages his own law practice in Houston, Texas, where he takes pride in building strong relationships with his clients as a solo attorney. Ed and his clients find unbeatable value in getting to work together one-on-one, and that’s something he would never choose to change about his practice. As a client of Law As a Business (LAB) by ElderCounsel, Ed has found new ways to effectively reach his clients, provide meaningful legal assistance as a sole practitioner, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

With a special interest in technology, Ed is always looking for innovative ways to make his practice more efficient and connect with new and existing clients. LAB offers unique business solutions he could take advantage of to better market his practice without compromising on his values. Ed says, “Working with LAB, I’m able to toss out ideas on key concepts for marketing content. I know the legal content and could do it myself, but Law As a Business is able to put it together and bring it to life in a way that consistently matches my brand, addresses all the key concepts, and saves me time.

The Do-it-Yourself Marketer: Using Content to Jumpstart Your Marketing Plan 

Edwin E Lee Website Preview

Ed first reached out to the LAB team to build an updated website for his firm. In the ever-changing world of technology, he recognized the need to have a modern and easy-to-navigate website with strong content. The new website was completed in 2020 and highlights the services offered by Ed Lee Law: Medicaid planning, estate planning, veterans planning, and family law. It also incorporated other essential features to ensure the site was successful including SEO, about and contact us pages, and a homepage CTA for lead generation.

These features are critical in website development as they support your brand and act as a storefront for your business to help it grow. The results of investing in website and content development speak for themselves. In the first three months of 2022, total search impressions for Ed’s firm increased by 42.9%. This confirms the firm is now appearing in more search results and the LAB team’s efforts are working.

Today, Ed continues working with LAB and invests in content management services to support his marketing strategy. One of his favorite services is blogging. Ed enjoys writing and the process of creating new content for his law firm but realized it took more time than he had available. When asked about blogging, Ed said, “It takes time and it takes a lot of attention, and I’d rather spend that time with my clients or with my family.

Our LAB team works directly with Ed to share weekly blogs on his website and social media accounts. The blog content ranges from offering advice to people looking into long-term care options, to explaining the need for certain legal documents and trusts. Having a content marketing strategy in place has helped Ed share his knowledge on important legal subjects and issues, drive website traffic, and generate leads each month. In fact, Ed’s website has seen over a 700% increase in organic traffic in the first 3 months of 2022 alone!

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It’s important for every business to build a marketing strategy that supports its brand, highlights services, and helps reach its goals. As a solo attorney, Ed Lee trusts Law As a Business to maintain the reputation he’s built in over 20 years of practicing law. Ed is not a typical lawyer and his clients value that. “In working with the LAB team, they recognize the authenticity in my brand,” said Ed. “I have the opportunity to explore ideas with their team that I feel represent my brand, my approach, and my ideology because again it’s a real people business. In the end, I know the content will always be high-quality and support my practice.

The relationships built between LAB and the attorneys we work with are all unique. Whether your firm is in need of a new website, content management support, or assistance building an overall marketing strategy, you can be confident the end result will be tailored to your practice and the business you’re building. If you need assistance with your law firm’s marketing efforts, Law As a Business can help. We work with elder law and estate planning law firms to create content that supports their values, drives results, and takes the pressure of marketing their plate.