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benefits of email marketing for law firms

Most successful businesses have a strong email marketing strategy. In today’s marketing world, there are so many different avenues a law firm can take to reach the right audience, including implementing email marketing.

Businesses use email marketing to help grow their business, nurture their clients, and target their messages. It can be very beneficial for a law firm.

Below are some of the significant ways that email marketing can benefit a law firm.

1. Creating Personalized Messaging

With email marketing, customizable campaigns and targeted content are possible. Email marketing provides a law firm with the ability to tailor personalized messages to a target audience. The email messaging can be narrowed down by an audience list and sent out in multiple iterations based on a specific messaging goal for an audience.

A major benefit of email marketing for a law firm is content can be highly personalized based on an audience’s legal needs. A business can vary emails to include different images or subject lines to increase engagement. A law firm’s email database can even be segmented into lists based on the type of customer or engagement levels.

2. Sharing Educational Information

Email marketing can be a great way to share information about a law firm and educate leads on legal topics that matter to them. If the email content is relevant and a law firm’s brand valuable, the person that just opened the message is often compelled to share with others. Some educational information commonly shared in emails includes blog posts, ebooks, videos, and other legal resources.

Sharing educational information with email subscribers can build trust with a law firm over time. It is common for people to do business with companies they know and trust. It is less likely that a lead conversion will come from just visiting a law firm’s website. Therefore, it vital for an email campaign to have essential information and resources for a business to nurture a relationship with leads.

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3. Reaching the Right People at the Right Time

A successful email marketing campaign starts by reaching the right leads at the right time. Email marketing makes it much easier for a law firm to do this because people constantly check their inboxes. Email subscribers can check their email at any time on multiple devices, improving the success of any email marketing campaign.

A law firm can get in front of an audience regularly with email marketing. Data can also be tracked on email platforms to understand when it’s the best time and day to send out emails to subscribers. Timing is important because this information can influence an email campaign’s engagement rate and ensure that an email is hitting a lead’s inbox at the right time.

4. Generating Website Traffic

If a law firm is creating great content, notifying clients and leads through email is vital. Email marketing campaigns allow a firm to send traffic to their website — improving SEO — through resources and call to action (CTA) buttons that lead to their website. Giving leads information or an opportunity to click on a firm’s website keeps leads engaged with a law firm’s brand and website.

For example, a lead may have reached a law firm’s blog page from a marketing email. That’s because email is a great way to provide value to a target audience, and a law firm can do it by sending great content in an email campaign to generate website traffic.

5. Improving Sales

One of the significant benefits of email marketing is the low cost to implement and high ROI for a law firm. An email campaign can cover many different topics and take various forms to reach overall marketing goals. Emails give businesses direct access to potential leads that can boost awareness, improve business growth, and increase sales. In fact, in a recent HubSpot survey, 59% of respondence said marketing emails influenced their purchase decisions.

The audience that makes up an email list is more likely to work with a law firm because they’ve opted-in to email messages and updates from that business. Email marketing campaigns can easily incorporate messages to encourage a lead to take the next step and lead them to making a purchase. Additionally, a law firm can utilize email marketing to automate part of the sales process, which can also help increase sales.

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Let LAB Services Help Build Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

No matter your law firm’s size, email marketing is a powerful tool to stay top of mind for your clients. Having an email show up in your target audience’s inbox can lead to your audience remembering your law firm.

Law As a Business (LAB) can help your firm build an email marketing campaign to fit your marketing goals. We work with elder law and estate planning firms on all aspects of email marketing for your business.

Create effective email campaigns to communicate with clients and leads. How to Create an Effective Email Campaign

During this video, we discuss some preliminary steps you’ll need to accomplish before getting started with a full blown email campaign. We will cover how to efficiently store contact information, utilize common email programs, and write compelling copy.