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The cornerstone of almost every successful business is a strong marketing strategy. In today’s marketing world, there are so many different avenues your business can take to reach the right audience, including implementing an email marketing strategy.

For some, when you first consider email marketing, you may cringe and think about your emails hitting the spam box. However, if strategized correctly, email marketing for a law firm can make a significant impact on your business and provide a great return on investment compared to other types of marketing campaigns.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a consistent communication sent directly to your clients’ or potential clients’ inboxes with the overall goal of increasing business sales. An email list generally consists of people who visited your site and provided you with their email address, also known as a lead. These leads opted to learn more about your business or entered their information when scheduling a consultation with your law firm.

There are many methods for growing your email list and different types of emails you can incorporate into a campaign. Incorporating email marketing into your marketing strategy is a common practice and gains a considerable return. This ROI is true primarily made possible because your contacts have opted-in to your campaigns, providing their email address, showing that they are interested in the services your business can offer.

The Difference Between Newsletters and Targeted Emails

Law firms and many other businesses commonly practice two different types of email marketing campaigns. The first, in the form of newsletters, your firm sends an email to everyone you have permission to contact – typically on a monthly basis. The second, in the form of targeted emails, your firm sends emails to a specific group of your contact list with a message curated to their specific legal needs. Both types of emails are essential in your email marketing strategy.

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Newsletters service the purpose of keeping your law firm top of mind for your clients and prospective clients. The messaging is simple and digestible for your target audience. Examples include general updates of your law firm, like upcoming webinars or other events. Newsletters can also link to educational content on your website, like blog posts that promote your legal services. These emails contain messages that add value to the user’s experience, leading to someone more willing to open and read the email.

Targeted Emails

Targeted emails reach a specific segment of your audience that is interested in a particular legal service. The objective of these emails is to build trust and credibility with potential clients. Some examples of targeted emails include providing information on nursing home costs or a checklist for creating an estate plan. Targeted emails show that you can provide relevant tips and legal information for their needs and help transition a lead into a new client.

What is an Email Marketing Strategy?

emailAn email marketing strategy utilizes email in a thoughtful, planned out manner with the goal of nurturing a relationship with clients and prospects through intentional messaging. Your clientele is receiving hundreds of emails daily, so if your law firm is not taking the time to build a strategy, your emails can get lost in their inbox. Steps to a successful email marketing strategy include:

  1. Define your target audience.
  2. Establish your marketing goals for the email campaign.
  3. Build an email list with sign-up options.
  4. Decide on an email campaign for your business.
  5. Implement a schedule then measure the results.

Taking these steps, can put your law firm on the right path for a strong email marketing strategy that can generate new sales for your business.

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Email Marketing Benefits

Email marketing can have many benefits for a law firm. Emails can cover many different topics and take various forms to reach overall marketing goals. One of the significant benefits of email marketing is the low-cost to implement and high ROI for a law firm. No matter your firm’s size, email marketing is a powerful tool to stay top of mind for your clients. Having an email show up in your target audience’s inbox can lead to helping your audience remember your firm.

Another benefit of email marketing is the potential to drive repeat business and referrals by helping you stay in front of these very important groups of people. And the last benefit to consider for email marketing is how they help you better manage and segment your email lists.

People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers.

Source: Optinmonster

There are other benefits to consider when utilizing marketing by email, but consistently monitoring and measuring results can help you discover and optimize the best ongoing strategy for your marketing efforts.

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