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document automation
Technology is making its way into our work lives faster and faster, even in the legal field. Today, law firms can automate many aspects of their practice, including billing, client intake, and scheduling. In addition, a growing number of law firms are using document automation software to streamline their document creation and workflow for a better client experience.

How Document Automation Works

Using document automation software, you can enter client-specific information once into templates, and the software populates the rest of the fields where that information needs to be. You can use existing templates or create your own. Some automation software can add or remove clauses and adjust the subject-verb agreement to correlate to the number of people referenced in the document.

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Benefits of Document Automation

There are several benefits to using document automation in your law firm:

  • Increase efficiency: Instead of drafting documents from scratch or pulling one from your archive and using the find-and-replace tool to customize it for each client, you can have the automation software fill in the necessary fields for you.
  • Increase profitability: By streamlining your document creation process, you can free up time for you and others in your firm to work on other things, such as bringing in new clients.
  • Reduce the chance for errors: Creating documents from scratch or copying and pasting increases the likelihood of errors or omissions, which can increase workplace stress. Automating document preparation creates consistently accurate documents.
  • Retain firm knowledge: When attorneys or staff leave a firm, a lot of knowledge of how the firm works goes with them. This includes how documents are prepared. Document automation ensures the documents remain consistent and accurate over time. This also helps to reduce the amount of time spent training new hires.
  • Improve client experience: Reducing the document turnaround time for clients is one way of offering better service and improving client satisfaction. A helpful part of this process could be a client portal where the clients enter the necessary information that then gets automatically entered into the documents.

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Automation Leads to a More Profitable Law Firm

Increasingly, clients will come to expect faster, more efficient service. Adopting new technologies, such as document automation, will allow you to offer better service to your existing clients and open up more time for new clients. This will, of course, allow you to run a more competitive and profitable law firm.

Streamlining Your Marketing Strategy

The longer you’ve been in business, the harder it can be to keep up with change. Your current system may work fine for you, but when you retire and decide to sell or transition to a new owner, your business should be using the latest technology to encourage the buyer. Discuss your options with other members of the firm. If you need help with your law firm’s marketing and communications, contact Law As a Business (LAB) to learn more about our services. We help law firms run efficient, profitable businesses through creative solutions and offer the best resources for legal document automation.

ElderDocx® Drafting System for Elder Law Practices

ElderDocx is a prime example of document automation software for law firms. Available to ElderCounsel members, ElderDocx helps elder law attorneys generate a wide array of elder law (including general estate planning), special needs planning, and Veterans pension planning documents. Learn how ElderCounsel can support your success by booking a free demo today!