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Developing Client Relationships

When looking for someone in the services sector, such as a doctor, accountant, or attorney, most people will ask their friends and family members for recommendations. As an attorney, you know that potential clients who come to you via referral are more likely to become your clients. Once they become your clients, you need to continue to develop the relationship and give them confidence in your abilities, so they will refer other new clients to you.

Social Capital

You establish your social capital by being authentic, building a trusting relationship with your clients, and by achieving your stated results. Increasing your social capital will help you grow your network, which will, in turn, help you grow your business.

Growing, and even maintaining, a law firm these days is becoming more challenging due to increased competition and online do-it-yourself legal products. In today’s saturated environment, you need to set yourself apart. As in the past, a law firm’s social network is still its best new client generator. Today, though, you need to have a strong digital presence to further strengthen your brand message and attract new clients.

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Creating and managing a relevant and captivating digital presence can seem intimidating and is likely to take a backseat to your legal work. This is understandable since you are in the business of practicing law, not marketing and brand development. To foster and manage client relationships effectively, you need the motivation, time, and the right tools. Client relationship management (CRM) strategies and tools have become crucial elements of businesses around the world.

Client Relationship Management

Potential clients come to you in different ways, including by word-of-mouth referral and through your website. You need to keep track of how these new clients find you as well as build social capital with them. Some new clients come on board quickly and easily while others take more time to establish a relationship. Staying on top of these new clients, while serving current client needs can seem daunting.

Employing client relationship management software can help you, or someone else in your firm, stay on top of each new referral and help turn prospects and leads into clients. When your firm takes new clients from the initial contact to the first appointment and eventual retention, it needs to be done in a way that inspires confidence. The right CRM application can make the client intake process quick and consistent. The simple experience will increase clients’ trust in you and help you grow your business. Law firm CRMs are designed specifically to automate marketing tasks (social posts, email, newsletters), daily workflow, analyze data containing client information and history, and drive new business.

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A few software choices include Lawmatics, Law Ruler, InterAction, and Intapp. Compare these applications to find one that feels easy to use and has the features you prefer. They have different pricing options for law firms of varying sizes. Each offers a demonstration and provides support during installation and integration with other business applications you use.

Client management software can help you track interactions and manage prospective and existing clients as your firm grows. It stores all client information for reporting, sends documents for eSignatures, and automates repetitive tasks. You’ll be able to understand which marketing campaigns or referral sources brought new clients to you and create more effective marketing strategies.

Using CRM to Build Social Capital

Achieving the legal results your clients want is your highest priority and helps you build your social capital. Leveraging your social capital to attract new clients is just as important since it will help you grow and maintain your business. Using the right CRM strategies is key. If you find that you don’t have the time to learn about CRM systems and interpret data to improve marketing efforts, you can hire a law-firm-oriented marketing agency, such as Law As a Business. We have a team of professionals using CRM and other automated tools to help you run successful marketing campaigns and build social capital.

Create a better experience for prospects!
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Initial consultations should not be the beginning of your potential clients’ journey. Rather, the consult should be the culmination of a thoughtfully structured process that leads to an attorney-client relationship. During this video, you will learn easy to apply insights that will change how people are introduced to the legal solutions you provide to your community and increase your bottom line.