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the building blocks of a winning digital marketing campaign for your firm

More and more consumers rely on the Internet for information. To succeed in the competitive law industry, your firm should invest in a winning digital marketing campaign that takes your business to the next level.

If your law firm isn’t utilizing the power of digital marketing to grow your practice, then you’re missing out on an effective marketing strategy.

What is a Digital Marketing Campaign?

A digital marketing campaign is an essential building block and action within your law firm’s digital marketing strategy that shifts your firm towards a specific end goal. Digital marketing allows a constant or near-constant exchange of data between your law firm and the various digital platforms on which you market.

For example, if the overarching goal of your firm’s digital marketing strategy is to generate new leads through social media, your firm might run a digital marketing campaign on Facebook. Your firm may share a gated legal resource on Facebook to generate more leads through the social media platform.

6 Steps to Creating a Digital Marketing Campaign

Using these steps when your firm develops your digital marketing campaign will ensure that your law firm’s approach to marketing is logical, efficient, and gives your business the best chance of growing success.

1. Define Your Goals

This step seems obvious for some businesses; however, some businesses are so eager to start a campaign that they fail to plan the details of a focused approach. Your goals are entirely up to your law firm. The goals your firm pursues and how you measure success will depend on the specifics of your law firm. Some goals worth considering for your business include increased brand awareness, social media follows, website traffic, and other goals.

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2. Identify Your Target Market

Understanding who to target is a vital aspect of a campaign. No matter your budget size, the more you know about the demographics you want to reach, the more finely your firm can create your marketing campaign to appeal to that target market. Your firm’s current clientele may not be the same as the target market you wish to reach with your digital marketing campaign. If your firm wants to reach a new target market and expand your reach with your digital marketing campaign, make sure that the new efforts aren’t alienating your existing customers.

3. Build Your Personas

A persona is a detailed description of your ideal client. Personas can include information like their age, occupation, income level, and other variables that determine how they will spend their money. Compared to a target market, which is broad, your firm’s persona should be as detailed as possible. The best digital marketing campaigns are built upon detailed personas, and your firm needs to research your market and create your personas.

4. Define Your Budget

This step is vital and can often go overlooked or not be given the deep consideration needed for a successful campaign. Setting a realistic budget for your law firm is essential for many reasons. First and foremost, your firm’s budget will dictate what you can do with your marketing campaign and how your resources are allocated. Fortunately, digital marketing can be much cheaper than conventional marketing, which means that the same resources will go further when your law firm utilizes them in the digital space.

5. Identify Your Digital Marketing Tools

The success or failure of your firm’s digital marketing campaign may ultimately hinge on how effectively you can utilize digital platforms, like social media.  Social media is a crucial marketing platform, but it also supports many other aspects of digital marketing for your law firm. Choosing digital platforms that your target market uses is an important consideration. Once you’ve identified your digital platforms, it’s vital to keep a consistent message across your various marketing components to ensure maximum synergy between each digital tool.

6. Execute, Monitor, and Improve

Once your firm has defined the steps above, it’s time to launch your digital marketing campaign and monitor its performance. One of the great benefits of digital marketing is that your campaign can provide your law firm with valuable insights and data points that you can use to improve your marketing efforts further. Long-term growth is something that all businesses seek, and continuing to monitor performance and improving your campaign success can be achieved.

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