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Blogging and Social Media: What are the Benefits of Utilizing Both

Blogging and posting on social media platforms have many benefits on their own for any business. But when the two marketing tactics work in tandem, by posting blog content on social media, your business’s content marketing efforts are boosted.

Here are a few powerful benefits that both marketing tools can offer your law firm:

1. Connect with your Audience

Posting blog content on your website and sharing on your social media profiles creates an opportunity to connect with potential clients. Your website and social media platforms are a natural avenue for client engagement and allows new website visitors to engage with content relevant to their legal needs. Posting a variety of blog content to your social media pages creates an opportunity to generate new leads for your firm.

2. Establish Your Firm as an Industry Leader

No matter the size of your business, blogging and social media are ways for your firm to build trust and establish thought leadership in your industry. Providing people with content that is valuable and informative demonstrates your credibility. Your law firm can influence your followers with content that showcases your knowledgeable insights on a specific practice area. If prospects discover answers to their general legal questions through your blog post, whether on your website or social media profiles, they’re more likely to trust your business and reference your law firm for their legal needs.

3. Boosts Your Firm’s Search Engine Optimization

Blogging and social media are powerful tactics for improving your firm’s search engine ranking. Google and other search engines continue to rank content from your website and social feeds. Posting blog content on your website and social media channels can lead to higher visibility on a search engine. A social media page with developed content can also contribute to overall improvement in online visibility and increased website traffic, which also influence SEO performance.

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4. Drive Traffic to Your Firm’s Website

A byproduct of blogs and social media improving your SEO is that they can drive traffic to your website – through people finding your blogs in search results or seeing your posts on their social media feeds. Blogs and social media posts help you gain relevant exposure for your website. Your blog provides free, helpful information that can lead a potential client to your website, and your social media can gain your firm exposure to your audience where they frequently interact online. These pathways help your target audience to land on your website at a higher rate and, over time, become a possible client.

5. Creates Opportunity for Sharing

Blogs and social media posts create an opportunity for other people online to share your blog with their own network. Sharable content creates the potential for more organic traffic. Today’s online community is booming with so many different shareable platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or email. A blog reader can share the web link in a post, tweet, or email to a friend in need of specific legal services, indeed growing your network. They can also reshare your social media post about your blogs to their news feed. This type of organic reach is free marketing that begins with a blog post.

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