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Ready for a rebrand?

Are you looking for ways to stand out from your competitors? Maybe that means it’s time for your law firm to rebrand. Maybe your firm is looking to shift into a different practice area or ready to launch new business initiatives. Whatever exciting new plans your firm is making, if your firm is looking to rebrand, it is important to ensure that your new brand achieves real results that will benefit your firm long-term.

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is defined as the process of altering the visual perception of a corporation. It is a marketing strategy that can involve many different design or messaging changes that establish a brand. Rebranding can create a distinguished identity from competitors in a target market. Some design options that can help shift a brand’s identity include redesigning a logo, business name, tag line, mission statement, products or services, and other aspects that represent a company’s brand.

Top 5 Rebranding Benefits for Your Law Firm

Rebranding is an option for a law firm looking to stay fresh and current in a world that is continually changing. Your brand represents your law firm, and a rebrand can be the key to keeping your firm top of mind in your industry. Rebranding can take many shapes for different businesses, and it is essential to understand the benefits.

1. Connect with a New Target Audience

When you rebrand your business, the most significant advantage to refreshing your firm’s look and feel is in helping you reach a new audience. New aspects and promotions of your business can lead to a new segment of people taking notice of your firm. Rebranding is an opportunity to connect with a new target audience and stimulate your business needs by creating new growth in an ever-changing market.old to new

For example, if your rebrand includes introducing a new practice area to your network, your rebranding presents the opportunity to reach a new target audience interested in your new practice area.

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2. Stand Out from Your Competition

As your law firm grows, your business abilities may directly compete with other firms in the industry. Rebranding can set your firm’s offers and approach apart from the competition. Crafting your brand to differentiate from other firms shows potential clients that your services are unique, or you are an expert in the specific service. Rebranding your business to have its look and feel reflect your differentiators establishes your business as a leader in the legal landscape.

3. Stay Current

Rebranding keeps your law firm current. Utilizing design trends can play a significant role in how current or potential clients perceive your law firm, and all it has to offer. Ensuring your identity is always ahead of the curve can appeal to your clients and show that your firm is paying attention to your industry trends.

4. Communicate New Goals, Offers, or Values

If your brand is not showcasing your new goals, offers, or values, it’s hard for your audience to recognize these brand aspects. If your law firm has expanded its practice area, is offering new services, or you have expanded your firm, then rebranding is a great way to show that your law firm is evolving to new and current clients.boost your bottom line

5. Boost Your Bottom Line

A rebrand can be a massive boost for your business. Rebranding can impact your overall inbound strategy and have the potential to make your law firm more profitable. Connecting to new clients, differentiating from your competitors, showcasing your expertise, and expanding your services’ reach are all ways to boost your law firm’s bottom line.

Rebranding is a powerful marketing strategy to get your practice noticed and create long-term value for your business goals. If your law firm is looking to rebrand, Law as a Business (LAB) can help. We work with elder law and estate planning firms on all aspects of marketing, including branding for your business.

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Put a comprehensive marketing plan together!marketing plan for lawyers

Planning now will make implementation in the future much easier. Watch this video to ensure your strategy is integrated and has a consistent message that resonates with your target audience. To help you work through the preliminary decisions that will guide your approach, we also provide you with a free workbook that you can use as a guide to get your messaging out most effectively.